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The year in review!

JANUARY – The New Year was spent with my parents staying at my place in Adelaide, they came for Christmas. I really enjoyed having my parents stay, see my house, meet Henry. It was a really happy time for me.

FEBRUARY – I learnt even more about cats and fell even more in love with Henry. He was always doing something new and adorable. I also held the first giveaway of the year thanks to Megs Ragged Edge.

MARCH – My nephew Caleb visited, so Adam and I took him to the Zoo & the beach to try and keep him occupied. I realised it’s not easy looking after a 9 year old! I got to see Amanda Palmer for the 3rd time, as well as Evelyn Evelyn for the first. I worked Armageddon Expo in Adelaide.

APRIL – I hurt my back. I’ve always been super accident prone, i’d give Bella Swan a run for her money. I never thought i’d seriously injure my back from tipping over in a chair though. I ┬áhad my first hospital ride and ended up in hospital. The picture was of me a bit high from the drunk whistle they gave me.

MAY – I got to dress up for my Mother-in-laws birthday party! It was medieval themed and held in a castle. Was super fun! I also held the 2nd giveaway of the year, thanks to Miss De Jour.

JUNE – I turned 25. My best friend Lou flew over from Sydney to spend it with me. I was super happy to get to spend my Birthday with my 2 best friends and Adam. Though, June also saw me break up with Adam, my boyfriend of nearly 6 years. I then moved back to Sydney.

JULY – July was pretty busy! I met Caitlin for the first time and attended the G-Star Raw store opening! I was invited into Autograph to try on some clothes! I worked the Sydney Glee convention and ended up wearing the same Autograph tunic as Ashley Fink. Flew to Melbourne only to have my back play up, but I did get to spend the week with some of my friends.

AUGUST – I attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival (See posts here) and got to meet some fabulous people. I was super excited to finally meet Corrine and Danimazza! I opened up my blog dedicated to my luuurve of shoes ‘Oh my gosh, SHOES!’. I also took the plunge and took my first international holiday to New Zealand!

SEPTEMBER – I spent most of the month in New Zealand, spending time with a friend, seeing some scenery, meeting new breeds of animals, drinking LOTS of grape soda, and getting LOTS of cuddles from an amazing cat. I also dyed my hair brown, my natural colour, for the first time in 10 years.

OCTOBER – Nessbow wrote an amazing post all about outfits for me! I went to the Love Vintage Clothing Show with Danimezza. I also showed off my belly online!

NOVEMBER – XL as Life got a new layout. I ended up in hospital because of an accidental medicinal overdose. I started seeing a new Psychiatrist and I had my first ever CT scan, to try and work out what’s wrong with my back.

DECEMBER – Christmas!!!