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    Happy New Year! Life Update!

    So, no surprise, but I’ve neglected this here little portion of the interweb. I honestly feel blogging is dead and no one really reads these things anymore. Then again, part of me wants to get back into it, if just for me. Find the joy in creating and writing again. Firstly though, I thought i’d do a bit of a life update. My life has changed so much in the past year. Obviously, from my previous post, you know about the major loss of my Sister and Mother. The Move For those who don’t know, I made the move from Melbourne to Queensland over a year ago now. Nothing was…

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    A day the beach.

    March 2019 Hi, my name is Natalie and I don’t like sand. ┬áIt’s coarse, and rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere. (Please, if you got that reference, leave a comment!). I’ve always been a water lover. I grew up with a pool, I would spend hours in it. I love baths. The beach, however, its a bit of a love/hate relationship. I love getting in the water, feeling it wash over me, but as I mentioned, sand. The beach is my BFF Kays happy place. It’s where she goes to unwind and relax. She was headed out one day and asked if I wanted to tag along. Obviously, as…

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    Life, or something like it.

    Life, it’s pretty crazy at the moment, right? Covid-19 has changed everyone’s lives. I’m lucky that it hasn’t affected my life as much as many others. My disability means i’m home most of the time, I’ve had to cancel a few trips, but otherwise, life is almost the same. I miss my parents, I wish I could go visit them. I miss my family, a few close family members are ill and I just wish I could hug them. Being so far away from family has been hard. When M passed, I chose not to move back to Sydney. I couldn’t lose everything at once, but now I wonder if…

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    Small Aussie Businesses to Shop at during this time.

    I don’t have to tell you that it’s crazy times at the moment. It really is a whole new world. Not too much has changed in my day to day life, but that’s not the deal for so many people. I thought i’d a round up of some of my favourite Aussie small businesses as well as some I hope to buy from on in the future. Every little bit helps indie business, so please, shop local when you can. Pop Jewels My fave earring brand! I’ve got a lot of Pop Jewels, I’m guestimating around 15-20 pairs. Sharni is an absolute legend who I just adore. Pop Jewels put…

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    My top 10 channels to watch on Youtube.

    I started to write this post before everything started to go down with the Covid19. Since then, I decided to dust it off and finish it. The world is a strange and scary place at the moment and a lot of people will have more spare time than normal. Youtube can be a bit of an escape, I honestly can lose hours on youtube. I probably watch more youtube than normal television. So here is a round-up of some of my favourite youtube accounts. In no particular order. Make Up Mouse Heather is really such a breath of fresh air in the youtube beauty community. There is just something so…