A photo of a sausage dog shaded red dapple dog, with one blue eye, one brown eye.

Two Years of Toby!

Two years! Can you believe it?! Around this day 2 years ago, Craig and I went for a drive to a park in the Glass House Mountains, to meet a lady about a dog. We stood in the parking lot marveling at this teeny tiny puppy and decided yep, he’s my boy. 

If you’ve been following me for A LONG time, you’d know all about Mr Frodo and how much he meant to me. How heartbroken I was when he passed. Then after some time, how much I wanted a dog. I even wrote a post “When all you want in life is a dog“. I’d been waiting a while, so I was super excited to finally have a dog of my own.

It’s not been all sunshine and rose. Toby has by far been the hardest dog I’ve raised. He made me cry on multiple occasions, question my ability as a dog parent, and even made me wonder if I would have to give him up. But I persisted and he’s a lot better behaved now. He still doesn’t get that he has to tell us when he needs to go out to pee, but I also can’t have a dog door because of the cats. No more biting my feet though, which honestly, was the worst.

It may have taken me a while to love him, but I do completely now. He’s a charming character who looooves everyone. When the postman comes to my door to give me a parcel, I have to swap the parcel for Toby who proceeds to cover him in kisses. He believes everyone is his friend and gets a sad look when people or animals ignore him. As long as he’s getting attention, he doesn’t care who it’s from. 

FULL NAME: Tobias Quark (my last name)
AKA: Toby. Toby-Wan. Toe-beany. 
BREED: Chiweenie (dachshund x chihuahua)
BEST FRIEND: Yondu (our Indian Ringneck)
FAVE FOOD: Pigs ears. Anything we’re eating. 
FAVE PAST TIME: Playing ball, going to the dog park, zoomies, annoying the cats, sleeping.
FAVE TOY: My stuffed unicorn called Hiccup. Any of the small ikea toys. Tennis balls.
DISLIKES: Being left alone. The vacuum cleaner. Motorbikes. 


@natatreedarling #duet with @natatree he's not a baby anymore! #dog #dachshund #chiweenie #dogsoftiktok ? original sound – Justin Mousseau

Happy 2 years of Toby!