My glasses

*updates coming soon*

While you don’t see them in many pictures, I do wear glasses. I need them for long distance so mostly whenever I leave the house. I also admit, I do suck at wearing them when i’m supposed to. Anyway, on this page, you fill find all the info for the glasses I own. You can see more pictures on instagram by #XLinGlasses


SistersThese glasses are my sisters fault. I bought these after trying on her pair, I decided however to go for the indigo pair, instead of the black. In all honesty, these are glasses that I wear the most. They are probably the most comfiest and seem to go with everything. I feel they really suit my face shape too. They are also the most expensive pair I own. These are Versace MOD 3150-B.




Yarra Valley Chocolaterie - Hot Chocolate Festival

These are probably my current most worn glasses, I never really thought i’d be a half frame kind of girl, but once I put these on, it was love at first sight. I tend to reach for these guys more than my Versace. They are more comfortable, don’t fog as much/ more breathable and of course, go with everything. Find them HERE.


When Firmoo approached me offering me a pair of glasses, I jumped at the chance. I’d been wanting a clear pair of glasses for awhile, and what I loved about these were that they had leopard print arms. You can find them here.


Jono Hennessy


My favourite pair of glasses are by Jono Hennessey. After going into an optometrist, I fell quite in love with many of the designs & colours that Jono Hennessey had to offer. How could I resist these bright pink frames? All it needs is some bling and it would be me in glasses form!


Zenni Opticalpink002

Zenni optical have some UH-MAY-ZING frames. I could easily spend $90230982 there. I decided to buy one pair to check out the quality first though. I decided on these cream acetate ones, as I love cat eye and I love sparkles. They also come in a purple! The quality is great for the price. You can find them here.


Select Specs

Select Specs offered to send me out a pair of glasses to review


Clearly Contacts

I noticed these glasses on Clearly Contacts and loved the shape of them. I’m a huge fan of cats eye, but the side wings just add an extra flare to them that are super cute. They can look really retro with the right hair & make up. I actually get a lot of compliments on them. These are  Derek Cardigan 700 Brown & Pink.


These are the glasses I started out with. The first pair that lasted me nearly 2 years before I decided that I needed more then one pair of glasses.