Bucket List


  • Learn to drive & get my license.  29/05/12 – Got my L’s [POST]
  • Swim with Sharks.
  • Learn to speak another language.
  • See snow fall.
  • Get a tattoo. 13/02/2015 [POST]
  • Grow my hair long (Mid back). [Longest so far]
  • Try acupuncture.
  • Rescue an animal.  I adopted Tonka in the end of July 2012. [POST]
  • Visit a day spa.
  • Feed/pet/meet a hippopotamus. [POST – Meeting the hippos]
  • Own my own house.
  • Get Married. (Mayyyyybe)
  • Sit at my goal weight (100kg).
  • Have my fortune told.
  • Learn to play ‘Hotel California’ on guitar.
  • Go to a midnight movie screening.
  • Meet the 9 actors who were in the ‘Fellowship’ in Lord of the Rings. (2 out of 9)
  • Keep a plant alive for at least a year.


  • Own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Shoes.
  • Own 5 pairs of Jeffrey Campbell Shoes.
  • Own a Pauls Boutique Bag.
  • Own something by Betsey Johnson.
  • Own something by Tarina Tarantino.