Hi! I’m Natalie. I was born and raised in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, though in the time of this blog I’ve moved to Adelaide, back to Sydney and now to Melbourne. I’m a crazy animal lady who wishes she could surround herself with animals, you can read about my fur family here.

This blog was started as an outlet. I have a crazy passion for fashion & with a number of blogs out now, I wanted to have my say as a Plus Size Alternative Australian Fatshionista! Geez, that was a mouthful!

Over the years I’ve grown to accept & embrace my body. I am who I am, I like who I am. If people decide to judge me for my size, my hair colour, my piercings, that is their own decision.

I have a somewhat quirky fashion sense. I blame it on being a Gemini. One day I can dress as girly as can be, the next it’s all black. I like to mix and match. I find any excuse to dress up. I am inspired by everything.

Black. Glitter. Lace. Silver. Floral headbands. Pink. Boots. Polka dots.

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