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    Event – Paramore!

    A long time ago, I was a huge Twilight fan, possibly one of Australia’s largest. That was how I came to know of a band called Paramore. When I put on the CD to Twilight and heard ‘Decode’, I knew this was a band I’d love.  Their opening act was Remi Wolf. Honestly, I’d never heard of them before, but after a few songs, I was sold. Remi swore like an Australian and sang her heart out all whilst busting out some very fun dance moves with her band. Go check them out on Spotify.  Then came Paramore! They opened with ‘You First’ and the crowd went wild. It was…

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    Outfit – Wear it Purple

    Wear it Purple Day was in August, a day to raise awareness and foster supportive, safe, empowering, and inclusive environments for the young LGBTIQA+ community in Australia. Turns out, I don’t own too much purple, despite it being up there in my favourite colours. The earrings arrived the day before, which seeing as I’d bought them on pre-order a few months before, was meant to be. I’d been a fan of Doodang & Fandango for years (like 10!) but could never afford the price. When they announced they were closing and had a sale, I spent ages deciding which pair to get. It was between these and the David Bowie…

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    Outfit – Barbie time!

    Always late lately. But better late than never, hey? This is what I wore to go and see Barbie at the cinema. I wanted to dress up, but was also not feeling 100% so made an effort on my clothes, but no makeup. That may have been a good idea because, like many others, I did get a bit teary watching the movie. This dress from Little Party Dress has always given me Barbie vibes. I love the print of it so much I have it in two different styles of dresses. I originally styled it differently (below & last image) but realised I didn’t like how it was sitting,…

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    Outfit – Peach PRC Concert

    When I saw that Peach PRC was touring, I messaged my boyfriend asking if he wanted to tag along to a concert with me. He’d heard a few Peach PRC songs and didn’t mind them, so said yep. Seeing as he’s a musician he does have a wide range of music tastes and was happy to get out to a gig. Now, I had been sick (whats new) and was debating if I was even well enough to go, but I’m so glad I pushed through. We arrived and had to wait in line for a while. The concert was held at The Triffid. I’d never been before but it’s…

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    Dangerfield Work Fits!

    I sometimes make the effort to get some good proper images of work outfits (For example here) but other times, it’s just a quick snap in the work changerooms! I thought I’d share a few from the past few months. Of course, all clothing is from Dangerfield. If you have questions about anything specific, ask away! Do you have a favourite out of the above?