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    Outfit & Travel – Little Party Dress in Woodford!

    We moved into our house nearly a year ago now and slowly we’re going out on adventures. I’m new to Queensland, so I really only know the suburbs in which I’ve lived. Craig knows the area a lot better, so when I suggested we go on a Sunday Drive, we headed out towards Woodford & Kilcoy. For those who don’t know Queensland is HUGE! I often forget just how big it is. It’s 1.7 million km2.┬áBasically nearly five times the size of Japan,┬áseven times the size of Great Britain, and two and a half times the size of Texas. It would take you about 35hrs to drive from one end…

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    Outfit – Shroom Kitty!

    As soon as I saw this design I knew I needed it! Shroom Kitty! I’ve had to stop myself from buying everything on offer in this print. I have this dress, the hair clips and a tee. I’m eyeing the throw, head scarf and this sling bag. Basically, alllll the mushroom kitties! No, your eyes do not decieve you. I am indeed wearing crocs. I blame Cara. These are the glitter platform and when the light hits them they are the most shiny beautiful thing to gaze upon. They are very comfortable. I told someone the other day, when you’re my age and you’re on your feet for 8 hours…

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    Caboolture Show!

    In June we headed out to visit the Caboolture Show. This is the first year we’ve lived in the area and I thought it would make a fun day out. I’m always a fan of going to any show. I’ve been to the Royal Easter Show more times than I can remember to count, as well as the Melbourne Show. Compared to those, the Caboolture is a smaller town fare, but still loads of fun! I decided to go for a cute look! I got lots of compliments on the outfit and the hair, which was a wig. My hair was in a state but luckily i’ve had it done…

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    Outfit – Grumpy Bear Blue!

    Flashback to nearly a year ago! Yeah, i’m still going through old photos. I’m going to post some new stuff soon! I promise! I felt pretty cute this day, a day I went and saw my psychologist. I love a good colour-blocked themed outfit! I love the Care Bears. I always have. I don’t know if I have a favourite care bear though. It would probably be a tie between Cheer Bear and Grumpy Bear. Seeing as I’m a Gemini, I’m going to say that having 2 favourites is more than fine! How amazing are these tights!? I love snag tights so much and when they announced they were releasing…

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    Outfit – The day we found our house!

    These photos were taken on September 19th 2021. I have a pretty crappy memory, but this was a day to remember. If you read my 2021 round-up post, you’d know that my partner and I bought a house. We were worried because many real estates had said that the market was crazy and very competitive. Many people had been trying to buy for months unsuccessfully. We were kind of on a time crunch and I think this was the 3rd or 4th time going out to look at houses. When we pulled up outside the house and went to look at it, the estate agent at the door complimented my…