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Event – Paramore!

A long time ago, I was a huge Twilight fan, possibly one of Australia’s largest. That was how I came to know of a band called Paramore. When I put on the CD to Twilight and heard ‘Decode’, I knew this was a band I’d love.¬†

Their opening act was Remi Wolf. Honestly, I’d never heard of them before, but after a few songs, I was sold. Remi swore like an Australian and sang her heart out all whilst busting out some very fun dance moves with her band. Go check them out on Spotify.¬†

Then came Paramore! They opened with ‘You First’ and the crowd went wild. It was amazing to hear so many amazing songs and really feel how much their music has changed over the years. I wish I could dance half as good as Hayley! They also played my favourite song, so I was super stoked about that!

Paramore Setlist

You First – The News – That’s What You Get – Playing God – Caught in the Middle – Rose-Colored Boy – Running Out of Time – Decode – Last Hope – Big Man – Little Dignity – Liar – Crystal Clear – Hard Times – The Only Exception – Crave – Baby – Misery Business – Ain’t It Fun – Thick Skull – Still Into You – This Is Why

I worked til 5 the day of the concert, so had to rush around before the nearly 1-hour drive to the venue. So I just wore my work outfit! Luckily my work is a pretty fun place. I got complimented numerous times on my outfit. I had also freshly bleached my hair and went back to my natural colour. Pink. This time Ex-Girl by Good Dye Young, which was very fitting!


Dress РHigh Society Tartan Pinny Dangerfield || Mesh top РDangerfield || Socks РDangerfield
Shoes – Spendless || Belt – Narrow Star Belt Dangerfield || Bag – Loungefly
Scarf – Good Dye Young || Glasses –Zeelool

Thanks to Beauty Next for the tickets!