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    Outfit – Shadow Cats

    Heyyy, long time no see. How has everyone been? I’ve been…. surviving. Life is tough. This time of year is hard. But I’m here and wanting to share one of my recent Dangerfield work outfits. Honestly, for up-to-date looks, you should be following me on Instagram. That’s probably my most used platform.  Okay, so when this dress came into work, I knew it would be coming home with me. Cats in a very Van Gogh like style, in a dress cut that is comfy & has pockets. Yep. Mine. My hair was probably at the point it needed a good wash, but that’s nothing some fun hair clips can’t hide!…

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    Outfit – Belated Halloween – The End

    A bit late, but here is one of my work outfits for Halloween! As soon as it hits October, I like to pull out the fun spooky makeup! It’s quite amusing to see the reaction of people in-store, but overall, I get a lot of compliments! Halloween is slowly growing in popularity here in Australia. I’m enjoying buying decorations for the house, to keep out all year round of course!  These glitter fishnets are a favourite of mine lately, but I’ve realised that for long work days, I have to wear stockings underneath because otherwise, it’s way too much of a sensory overload for me. Please tell me I’m not…

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    Event – Paramore!

    A long time ago, I was a huge Twilight fan, possibly one of Australia’s largest. That was how I came to know of a band called Paramore. When I put on the CD to Twilight and heard ‘Decode’, I knew this was a band I’d love.  Their opening act was Remi Wolf. Honestly, I’d never heard of them before, but after a few songs, I was sold. Remi swore like an Australian and sang her heart out all whilst busting out some very fun dance moves with her band. Go check them out on Spotify.  Then came Paramore! They opened with ‘You First’ and the crowd went wild. It was…

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    Dangerfield Work Fits!

    I sometimes make the effort to get some good proper images of work outfits (For example here) but other times, it’s just a quick snap in the work changerooms! I thought I’d share a few from the past few months. Of course, all clothing is from Dangerfield. If you have questions about anything specific, ask away! Do you have a favourite out of the above?

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    Outfit – Into the woods

    This dress = LOVE. It’s now in the top 5 dresses I own. There is so many things I love about it. The material, it’s a soft kinda silky material. The cut is the perfect midi length and the straps attach to the back of the dress in a way that means you can adjust the height or even wear it crisscrossed at the back. The print, I mean, look at it.   If you’re a rabbit or jackalope lover, I def think this print is for you. I was tempted to pick up the matching skirt, just because I really do love it all so much. These scrunchies are just…