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    Outfit – Peach PRC Concert

    When I saw that Peach PRC was touring, I messaged my boyfriend asking if he wanted to tag along to a concert with me. He’d heard a few Peach PRC songs and didn’t mind them, so said yep. Seeing as he’s a musician he does have a wide range of music tastes and was happy to get out to a gig. Now, I had been sick (whats new) and was debating if I was even well enough to go, but I’m so glad I pushed through. We arrived and had to wait in line for a while. The concert was held at The Triffid. I’d never been before but it’s…

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    Dangerfield Work Fits!

    I sometimes make the effort to get some good proper images of work outfits (For example here) but other times, it’s just a quick snap in the work changerooms! I thought I’d share a few from the past few months. Of course, all clothing is from Dangerfield. If you have questions about anything specific, ask away! Do you have a favourite out of the above?

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    Outfit – Into the woods

    This dress = LOVE. It’s now in the top 5 dresses I own. There is so many things I love about it. The material, it’s a soft kinda silky material. The cut is the perfect midi length and the straps attach to the back of the dress in a way that means you can adjust the height or even wear it crisscrossed at the back. The print, I mean, look at it.   If you’re a rabbit or jackalope lover, I def think this print is for you. I was tempted to pick up the matching skirt, just because I really do love it all so much. These scrunchies are just…

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    Outfit – Tie Dye For!

    Flash back to March! It actually took me a moment to remember where I actually wore this outfit! This was my oooh-taa-dah the day we went to Kelvin Grove Village Market! Upon googling local markets I found good reviews of this one, plus, it is dog friendly! It was Toby’s first day out at a market and gosh did he have a fun day! He loves humans, he loves dogs and he got attention from both! The market itself was great! I wish we’d left a bit earlier cause we didn’t actually get around to see everything before it started shutting down. Lots of fresh food, plant, arts & crafts,…

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    Outfit & Travel – Little Party Dress in Woodford!

    We moved into our house nearly a year ago now and slowly we’re going out on adventures. I’m new to Queensland, so I really only know the suburbs in which I’ve lived. Craig knows the area a lot better, so when I suggested we go on a Sunday Drive, we headed out towards Woodford & Kilcoy. For those who don’t know Queensland is HUGE! I often forget just how big it is. It’s 1.7 million km2. Basically nearly five times the size of Japan, seven times the size of Great Britain, and two and a half times the size of Texas. It would take you about 35hrs to drive from one end…