HAPPY NEW YEAR! The year that was, and what’s to come!

So, it’s officially 2012! Wahey! I certainly have my fingers crossed that this year will be a better one for me, actually, I KNOW it will be, because i’m going to make it one. 2012 is the year for change. So, for a re-cap…

Spent more time with my family. Made some hard decisions. Had half a dozen different hair colours. Ended a nearly 6 year relationship. Moved back in with my parents in Sydney. Hurt my back. Been hospitalized twice. Fell in love. Seen 2 different psychiatrists. Had one x-ray, one ct scan and fainted once. Went to Adelaide Zoo twice. Went to Monarto Zoo once. Flew 7 times. Got my passpost. Spent a month in a different country. Had my heart broken multiple times. Learnt who my real friends are. Put myself first a few times. Had a close family friend pass away. Lost all hope, but managed to find enough to keep me fighting. Met some amazing people. Learnt some life lessons. Lost 10kg, but probably put about 5kg back on. Spent a night in a house by myself for the first time, and multiple times after.

Try to be more positive. Cross a couple more things off my bucket list. Travel outside of Australia again. Be a better friend. Have fun! Go on a date. Get back into reading. Try to save some money. Do a course.

Do you have any goals for 2012? Do you believe in New Years resolutions?