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Spotlight posts of the year!

Was high school really hell?

I spend a lot of time musing over life, the past, the future. This was an interesting post to write, I find that I block out a lot of my unhappy memories, so looking back and trying to pin point certain thoughts and feelings was pretty tough. I’m happy I wrote this though, and that I had the balls to press ‘post’.

You don’t need to be thin to be…

Peoples judgement of fat people often gets me frustrated. This post was just me venting a little bit, but still very true. You can whoever you want at any size.

10 simple things that make me happy.

Pretty self explanatory, but a fun post none the less. Take pleasure in the little things!

Of life, death & blogging.

I often find blogging rather therapeutic. This post talks about a lot of delicate subjects, pretty much what the title says. To this day, i’m still unsure where to draw the line with sharing on my blog, but I like to be honest, and I like to think, that in some way, talking about things and sharing, may help other people.

Fat talk! Plus size fashion promotes obesity? Whatever!

 After Myers BiB show there was a lot of hoo-haa over plus size fashion promoting obesity. There was a lot of posts about it going on, and I of course had to have my say. I’m actually pretty proud of this post.

Musings on Life

This year has certainly been one of change for me. Epic change. I needed to sit down and think about these changes, and other changes in my life. Talk about some of my journey, and I decided, what better way then to blog about it.

PhotobucketI love my body!

Another post I was anxious about posting, but glad I did. Showing off my body online was a huge step, while I’m comfortable about my body, I had the underlying fear that the images would be posted around on anti-fat blogs. The need to join the ‘I love my body’ movement and the hope that it will inspire other people out weighed my concerns though. I figured I’ve already posted pictures of myself in my swimsuit, why not show off my belly?

This is me.

Blogging, and especially fashion blogging is very beauty obsessed. Most blogs you go to, it’s always the most pristine images, the most gorgeous clothes. Sure, I always try and post good quality stuff, but it’s not everyday that I get dressed up in an outfit I feel OOTD worthy. This post is me, showing you, what i’m like a lot of days.

What’s in my bag? 

I really love seeing the contents of peoples bags, I don’t know why, but I do! I’ll be doing a new What’s in my bag post soon!


I also got the chance to shop, review and enjoy some new, old and favourite stores! So, thank you to Dream Diva, Autograph, Curvy is Beautiful, 17 Sundays, G-Star, NoXceptions, Westfield & Toxic Injection.