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    Outfit and Event – Supanova Melbourne

    Last Sunday, I headed out to Supanova. For those who have been looong time readers, you’ll know I used to work in the convention industry. My last con was 6 years ago, so it’s been an age since I’ve been to one. Boy have they grown! I was quite stunned at just how huge it’s grown. Having put a poll on Twitter asking which of two outfits I should wear, and the clear winner was an Ursula/Disney Villians themed outfit. I think it turned out pretty well and I was super comfy. Seeing as I was working on three hours of sleep comfort was a big thing. One of the…

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    My Ultimate Birthday Wishlist!

     Today marks ONE MONTH til my birthday. Yep, after much discussing with my Mum, then my Dad, a couple of friends, a calculator, I managed to work out I was turning 27! Please tell me I’m not the ONLY one who forgets how old they are!? So here is my crazy epic wishlist full of things I can’t afford. Tis a dreamlist! THE ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!! Return tickets to my spiritual homeland, aka New Zealand, to attend the Armageddon Expo with the “You shall not pass” Hobbit tickets. Accommodation for a week. Visits to Weta and some Lord of the Rings tours. Also getting to meet Ezmae! (Optional extras I would not…

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    Dreaming of The Hobbit premiere.

    I’m sitting here WISHING I could win the lottery, or some amazing competition, that would send me to Wellington for the World Premiere of The Hobbit. You see, I am a huge Tolkien fan. HUGE. I have the world of Middle Earth to thank for my introduction to fandom, and to Conventions. I started reading The Hobbit in Year 5, yes, when I was around 11. It was in class, and we would read the chapters and have tasks, I remember having to draw our interpretation of the Dwarves walking up the Lonely Mountain. It wouldn’t be until a few years later, when I sat in a movie cinema to watch this…

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    The year in review!

    JANUARY – The New Year was spent with my parents staying at my place in Adelaide, they came for Christmas. I really enjoyed having my parents stay, see my house, meet Henry. It was a really happy time for me. FEBRUARY – I learnt even more about cats and fell even more in love with Henry. He was always doing something new and adorable. I also held the first giveaway of the year thanks to Megs Ragged Edge. MARCH – My nephew Caleb visited, so Adam and I took him to the Zoo & the beach to try and keep him occupied. I realised it’s not easy looking after a…

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    Autograph – Ashley Fink approves!

    Yep, Ashley and I both turned up rocking the same top to the Sydney Gleek-On event! She was super excited when she noticed, saying that she really loved the tunic! She’s also rocking an Autograph necklace! Photo by RalphtheWonderLlama