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Dreaming of The Hobbit premiere.

I’m sitting here WISHING I could win the lottery, or some amazing competition, that would send me to Wellington for the World Premiere of The Hobbit. You see, I am a huge Tolkien fan. HUGE. I have the world of Middle Earth to thank for my introduction to fandom, and to Conventions.

I started reading The Hobbit in Year 5, yes, when I was around 11. It was in class, and we would read the chapters and have tasks, I remember having to draw our interpretation of the Dwarves walking up the Lonely Mountain. It wouldn’t be until a few years later, when I sat in a movie cinema to watch this movie called ‘Lord of the Rings” that I’d remember the story, and fall head over heels in love with Tolkiens Middle Earth.

I’m not sure what draws me to the story, but to say I became obsessed is a bit of an understatement  I have an estimated $3000 worth of Lord or the Rings memorabilia mint in boxes. I’ve been trying so hard to control myself from not buying every Hobbit themed item I see. LEGO! FIGURINES! Just look at the WETA store!

Not forgetting, the love of my life, my little man beast Mr Frodo Dobby Baggins. My 10 year old dog. Yes, when I got him, he was this teeny little puppy who could fit in the palm of my hand. His feet looked too large for him, and he was hairy. Frodo just seemed the right name for him.

I’ve travelled to Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane to attend Conventions that LoTR cast have attended. Years ago my dream was to meet all 9 members of ‘The Fellowship’ (It’s still on my bucket list).

New Zealand, Wellington in particular, have gone to extreme with promoting this movie. A huge 12 meter long Gollum statue can be seen at Wellington Airport and the NZ Post building boasts silhouettes of the 13 Dwarves and Bilbo. To me, this is THE PERFECT time to visit New Zealand. Not to mention, Air New Zealand are releasing a Hobbit themed Safety video!

Don’t forget to read ‘A love letter to New Zealand.’ I’m off to buy some lottery tickets and pick some 4 leaf clovers!

Have you visited New Zealand? Have you seen any of the filming locations?