Stop! Snapchat time!

So, I’ve had snapchat for awhile now, and it’s super fun sending snaps to friends. I thought, well, why not share them with everyone! It’s even more candid then instagram, and shows more of a behind the scenes look of life.

Add me – natatreedarling

I’m going away on Sunday (my birthday) for a week in Hobart (Tasmania) and I won’t be taking my laptop (how will I survive!?). I will however have my phone and plan to share my adventure with anyone who follows me on snapchat! If you don’t have snapchat, never fear, I will share stuff on my blog & instagram, but if you want some more photos & videos, maybe think about downloading the app.

Please note: If you are a male, don’t send me dick pics. I don’t want to see it. You will be instantly blocked. Also, be aware, I do share a fair few pictures of my cat Tonka 😛