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Aitutaki – I came, I saw, I paddle boarded. Kinda.

On holidays, I learnt that I must not be of any relation to Jesus, because even standing on a board, on top of water, scared me! I don’t know how he managed to WALK on it.


The resort we stayed at had paddle boards for guests to use. The first day I told myself, “I am going to stand on one of those before this holiday is through”. I watched my sister and her fiance do it, I watched my nephew adapt to it with great skill, so about mid holiday, I decided to give it a go myself.


I can sit on it no problems, but golly when it came to standing, nope. First time, I managed to stand up, then toppled off to the side. If you know me, I really do lack balance. I can trip over flat ground. The second time, I went face first belly flop into the water. My nephew laughed and told me “everyone is watching!”.


But I got back up! And stayed up! Only, uh, I couldn’t move. I was frozen. I just could not make my body move. I imagine it’s what people who are afraid of heights feel. My sister told me I was shaking. I didn’t realise I was shaking, I was just thinking “holy shit, holy shit, holy shit”.


So, I jumped off, and then sat on the board to float around the lagoon for a while that way. I should also mention, the 2nd fall left me with a coral cut on my elbow, which was part of the reason why I ended up in hospital!


Later that night, whilst sitting in bed, my nephew said to me “I like how you have no shame”.