My top 10 channels to watch on Youtube.

I started to write this post before everything started to go down with the Covid19. Since then, I decided to dust it off and finish it. The world is a strange and scary place at the moment and a lot of people will have more spare time than normal. Youtube can be a bit of an escape, I honestly can lose hours on youtube. I probably watch more youtube than normal television. So here is a round-up of some of my favourite youtube accounts. In no particular order.

Make Up Mouse

Heather is really such a breath of fresh air in the youtube beauty community. There is just something so lovely and refreshing about her videos. She does a lot of amazing creative looks and often goes into depth about the inspiration behind said looks. I also find her voice & accent rather soothing.


Margot Meanie

Margot has been a prominent figure in the plus-size community for sooo long and her youtube is always a fun watch. She shares a lot of alternative plus size clothing hauls and general lifestyle vlogs. She hasn’t updated in a while, but there is plenty of content to watch!


Beauty News

I honestly don’t remember how I came across Beauty News, but I fell in love with Kat and Hailey straight away. It came to the point that both M and my Mum knew who they were just from overhearing me watching their videos. The thing I love is that Kat and Hailey are just unapologetically truthful and well, Australian. I also enjoy hearing all the new and upcoming beauty news and their Make Up Break Up series is really fascinating. I also love their individual channels.


Glam & Gore

The love I have for Myki is strong! I don’t know what exactly it is about her but she’s so fun to watch. She’s a talented SFX make up artist who often goes from… you guessed it… Glam to Gore! It’s not solely a makeup channel though. It’s a spooky channel! She has done some amazing series such as “Doing my Halloween Make Up in Haunted Places” as well as my fave “Ghost Hunting for Halloween”. Plus, she has THE CUTEST DOGGOS!


Aishling O’Neill

Aishling is an adorable lady from Ireland who shares all things spooky. Makeup looks, unboxings, hauls, book reviews. I love her weekly vlogs and her spooky club unboxings. I’m also suck a sucker for her accent! All in all, it’s a fun alternative channel to watch! 


Nikki Tutorials

I started following Nikki online around 5 years ago and what a journey! She’s been my favourite beauty influencer over all this time. She’s talented, humble and beautiful! Her content is centred around beauty and ‘The power of makeup’. She’s the Queen of high-coverage and highlighting! She doesn’t really do ‘subtle’ makeup but it’s always amazing! Plus, you may pick up another language if you follow, she often shares a Dutch word at the end of her videos!



If you’re into all things rainbow, kawaii, fashion and fun, check out Pixie! Another YouTuber I’ve been following for years and it’s been amazing to see Jillian grow into the person she is today. Her aesthetic drew me in, but her personality kept me! Her channel talks about her experience in fashion school, her life, mental health, body positivity and her love of Japan.


Jenna Marbles

I couldn’t do this list and not include Jenna. Jenna is the reason I started watching youtube alllll those years ago! She is hilarious and has grown so much over the years, its been so wonderful to watch. Plus, I am totally here for all the doggo content. Her content is all over the shop, but ultimately she’s just a fun watch and never fails to make me laugh!


Sierra Schultzzie

Sierra is one of the newer to my subscriptions list even though she’s been around youtube for a long time. Her videos are fun and informative. A lot of fashion and body positivity. I adore her ‘Size 2 vs Size 14 try on’ videos. She talks about a lot of things that I find most YouTubers shy away from. It makes her really relatable.  


It’s Likely Makeup

I know, I follow a lot of makeup pages on youtube. It’s something I enjoy watching. I love, love, love Jordi. Her whole aesthetic calls to me & I have serious eyebrow envy. Who knew that was a thing? Her make up style ranges from OTT freckled glam, vintage-inspired, coloured blush to ethereal whimsical otherworldly perfection. Yep. When I think of Jordi, I think big lashes, freckles and amazing eyebrows. She also has her own make up brand and golly do I want the Lash Box Set. Thankfully for me, it’s sold out, because with the AU$ and shipping it was close to $100.


Plus a few more faves

MRE Steve1989 – I love MRE Steve, but I haven’t been able to watch any of his videos since M passed. M introduced me to him and we would often watch the videos together. Steve uploads very randomly and his videos are of him taste-testing Military rations. Some very old and dubious ones. Let’s get this out on to a tray…. nice. 

Jkissa Make Up – Makeup! Makeup! Makeup! Jkissa is another YouTuber I’ve been following for what seems like forever! One thing I love is that she doesn’t use foundation!  

Naysy – Naysy is a super cute Aussie gamer who I adore. I don’t watch very many youtube videos of games because I like to play for myself, or watch on Twitch, but Naysy shares a lot of good behind the scenes and set up videos. She is totally amazing to watch playing Beat Saber though!

Pretty Pastel Please – The Bird Stays! I found Alex ages ago and find her videos fun to watch. She has a whole lot of different content, but most of it is pastel! Expect a lot of Wish hauls, Japan content and her adorable bird Archie!

BeautBean – Another makeup channel! Betty-Jean does a lot of colourful looks, again, with freckles. I love a freckled look! She uses a lot of Indie make up brands and I love her ‘3 looks 1 palette’ series. 

Who are your faves to follow on youtube?