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Concert/Event/Review – Adam Brand

Now wait a minute, I know, I know, you’re probably thinking “wait, what? Adam Brand?”. In fact, I had a friend who asked what I was up to and repliedĀ “and you think you know a person” when I explained I went to an Adam Brand concert. Here is the thing, I LOVE music. I’m one of those people who wish they were musical, but suck at it, so they immerse themselves into just listening and loving music. And let’s just say, my music taste is varied. Very varied. So when my friend Mallory mentioned going to a gig down the road from me, I was set to go, if only just to catch up with her. I’m happy to say, I had a fantastic time.

Event/Concert/Review - Adam Brand

In all honesty, I didn’t know much about Adam Brand. My main knowledge was from a long time ago, in a suburb far far away (well Parramatta is pretty far from where I live now). Back then I often tagged along with friends to Speedway, where ‘Dirt Track Cowboy‘ was constantly played.

Event/Concert/Review - Gemma Louise Kirby

The show opened Matt Cornell & Gemma Kirby. I now have a full-fledged lady crush on Gemma Kirby. Once I have some spare $$$ after paying off these vet bills, I’ll be buying her album. She did a cover of 4 Non Blondes ‘Whats Up’ and KILLED it (in a good way!).

Event/Concert/Review - Gemma Louise KirbyGemma & I, as well as Mallory & I. The lighting was terrible for pictures!

From what I could figure out Adam did a mix of old and new songs, and while I enjoyed the older songs, the new songs were AMAZING! Much more commercial and less country, but still with a bit of country taste. His newest song “Get on your feet“, which is also the name of the album and tour, certainly made you, well, get on you feet. In fact, I’m pretty proud I spent the whole concert on my feet, in heels, for the first time since I broke my foot!

The whole vibe of the concert was great, Adam has a bubbly, charismatic personality that he shows off on stage and interacts well with the audience. Not only did he pose for some selfies whilst mid-song, but even borrowed a phone to take some special on stage photos. He brought some chocolates out from backstage to share around, had some drinks delivered to some lovely elderly ladies sitting at the front and even played the drums. He had fun, which made the whole show so much more entertaining.

Event/Concert/Review - Adam Brand

If you can, I’d highly recommend you check out one of the upcoming shows. I’m considering checking out a 2nd show, this coming Friday in Mornington, but all dates can be found HERE.

What is the favourite concert you’ve ever been to?