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Royal Melbourne Show 2019!

I am so behind with posts, I have a few that I need to write up, but life has been, well, to put it bluntly,  a shit show. So here we go!

Last month I tagged along with my housemates to the Royal Melbourne Show. Growing up in Sydney, I am used to the Royal Easter Show but since moving to Melbourne 5 years ago, this is the 3rd time i’ve visited.

Honestly, the shows are all very similar in a way. This year the Melboure Show had been updated, with some new pavillions and changing of venues within the show ground. I liked the super large pavillion holding the showbags and eat street. I went on the last day and it was suprisingly less packed than I had thought it would be.

I can’t say I’ve ever watched horse jumping before, I’ve seen stunt riding and that, but not a proper tournament. This was the Hunt Club Jumping competition. We sat and watch this while we waited for the show that followed up. I ended up leaving and heading to shade because I was getting sunburnt. Eeep.

Above are cakes, yes cakes! Well, the Glinda/Barbie isn’t but her dress is. Holy wow are some people talented! The detail in the cupcakes is mindblowing, seriously!

Doggos! We went on the last day and the dog showing was taken over by alpacas! Luckily there were still some dogs around for some activities. How cute are these pups all lined up for pictures for Australian Working Dog Rescue!

Alllll the animals! Yeah, one of the main reasons I go to the show is to see all the animals. I don’t think it’s any surprise there. Oh, and I do enjoy the showbags.

Are you a fan of the show, in any of it’s versions?