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Aussie Curves – Yellow


A year ago, I had one item of yellow in my wardrobe. Actually, here I am a year ago, wearing that item of yellow! But now, after the last season i’ve got many more options when it comes to yellow. Dresses, a shirt, a cardigan and LOTS of jewellery. I went crazy with the neon jewellery trend.


However, I wanted to keep it a little more simple this week & show off one of my favourite dresses. I’m a HUGE lover of all the skater style dresses City Chic comes out with. I have 3, and although I wish I had the money to collect them all, I eagerly await the sales and see if I can score a bargain.


I loved this dress the moment I laid eyes on it, the peek-a-boo style and the yellow, however, I wasn’t going to shell out $100+ on a dress in a colour I wasn’t sure how long/often I would wear it. I ended up picking it up in the sales for $30! I’ve certainly made up for the cost per wear already.


I have to admit, it’s still so odd to see myself with blonde hair! Everytime I look in the mirror I expect to see some bright colour, but I always double take and am like “ohhhh, that’s right!”.


Dress – City Chic | Jacket – Crossroads | Shoes – Andre | Badge – Karolin Felix


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