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Aussie Curves – Bodycon

March 25, 2013


Ah, bodycon. It’s only a style i’ve started experimenting with lately. I blame ASOS! They released a few dresses in bodycon that I instantly fell in love with. This dress was actually the first one I bought, I’d been eyeing it for awhile and when it went on sale, I bought it. I also have the black and white geometric dress (See HERE) and the floral & jewel print one (See Here)


The sleeves on this dress are long, very much like THIS one, so I decided to tuck them up. Unlike the floral one, I don’t have as much of a VBO, I’m not sure why. Gosh, I really love this dress, polka dots and floral!


I’ve had these heels for years, probably around 8 years now. They were the first pair of stiletto heels I’d ever bought and I couldn’t walk in them. I can now!


Dress – ASOS | Belt – City Chic | Necklace – Forever New | Shoes – Target | Anklet – Lovisa


aussiecurvesnat disc02

  • You look gorgeous! I love that dress 🙂

  • Jojo from icurvy.wordpress.com

    OMG I love that dress – I have almost bought it several times – looks great on you x

  • That dress is gorgeous. I’m very proud of you wearing a bodycon dress – they thought of wearing one makes me super anxious 🙁

  • Really!? See, that just boggles me because I think you have a gorgeous body! <3

  • It’s a great dress, I’m glad I decided to take the risk and buy it!

  • Thank you!

  • Alison

    You look stunning! I love the black and white geoprint too, that is a fab pattern. 🙂

  • flashionaffair

    you look so gorgeouse! I love that dress, I eyed it up for ages but never got it love it on you!

  • Nessbow

    Ah! Gah! Those shoes! The dress! You look fantastic!

  • I looovveee this on you Nat! I’m scared to try the ASOS body-cons because I am totally not confident with my VBO, siighhhhhh, You look so gorgeous in this one tho!! xx

  • Cheri’z Angel

    love the dress, you look fantastic!


  • Lauren Sorley

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE this look!!

  • Argh, love the print, polka dots AND floral are awesome! I’ve been experimenting a little more with body-con lately too (takes a bit of courage)!

  • Boom-chicka-wow-wow, looking good! I love that dress and it’s fab on you.

  • P.S. Those shoes are the sex!

  • SpiikerKat

    what an awesome dress, you look great 🙂

  • You look GREAT! I love, love this dress.

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Hahah, thank you sweety! How awesome are the shoes, I love them!

  • It does, doesn’t it! And I find some days are better then others, even with wearing the same thing!

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks!

  • I was like that too, and I think it depends on the dress, this one doesn’t show it off as much as one of the others I have, it’s weird! But I took the plunge and I’m glad I did with this dress!

  • Thank you! These shoes never get enough light of day, but I can’t bear to part with them

  • Thank you! I’m so glad I bought it!

  • Thank you!

  • Martina Hart

    Natalie I love this on you. Wish I had bought it. You are totally rocking it