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Things I need to remember…

March 26, 2013


  • I’m only human. Sometimes you can push yourself, your body, too far.
  • You can’t control everything & that’s probably a good thing.
  • Sometimes, you need to let go. It may hurt, but it may also heal.
  • Choose wisely, because while you need to let some things go, you may also need to fight for what you want.
  • Be patient.
  • Never lose hope.
  • Stay true to yourself.
  • You ARE worth it.


What are some things you need to remember?

Is there something else I should add to my list?

  • Greta post and some works I really needed to hear.

  • Michelle

    That is seems overwhelming now but in a day, week, month and years it will be just a lesson. Some times just breath through it and it will be ok again. Also I like to remember that I am so lucky compared to others that have it really tough! Looking inwards too much is really detrimental to your way of thinking if you already have mental health issues, limit how much thinking and analysing you do about things. Get out and move and experience new things.

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