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Greenwell Point = Pretty!

My parents love to travel. Over the years they have owned caravans & motor homes. Now that they are getting older, they decided to invest in a holiday caravan. An onsite permanent caravan that they can just duck away to whenever they wish.

After searching for the perfect place, they finally decided on Greenwell Point. It’s about a 3 hour drive down the coast from where we live. I’d yet to go visit, so this weekend I took the opportunity to go down and stay the night.

I of course took Mr Frodo along for the ride, so it was a full car with myself, Frodo, my parents and their dog Emily. It’s been a while since Frodo has had a holiday, so he was super excited to get out and about.

The oysters. By golly were they delicious! I’ve been eating oysters since, well, since I started eating and they are actually my favourite food! There is a lot of oyster farming in the area, so for dinner on Saturday night I indulged in a dozen kilpatrick. Om nom nom.

I woke up at 7am and decided to head out for a walk, there is a walking track all along the water and it’s just beautiful. I’ve had a lot going on lately, that just taking the time to walk and think in such a gorgeous atmosphere was well needed. All these pictures were taken on the walk, with my phone camera. (OMG! There is no internet and very sketchy cell reception!)

There was a fishing tournament on so the police & rescue boats were out on the water. As were the pelicans! I have to say, pelicans are such magnificent creatures! One flew right above me and landed on the lamp post near where I was standing. They are HUGE!

Frodo was a sook all the way home. I took him out to the local markets in the morning and he was pooped after only an hour! Mind you, it was supposed to be around 28°c. He slept on my lap, often using my boobs as a pillow. <3