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    Aussie Curves – Breaking the Rules

    Breaking the rules, huh? I found this challenge hard. Sure, there are many things we are told ‘not to wear’, especially as a plus size woman. The thing is, I’ve never really paid too much attention to those rules. I’ve worn crop tops, bodycon, and rocked a vbo many times. Last time we had this challenge, I wore leggings as pants, a stripped down to my bra. This time, I’m going a bit more simpler. Socks with heels. It’s something you either love or hate. I actually love it, but I admit to liking some questionable 80’s fashion. How AWESOME is this dress!? It’s from the straight size section of…

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    Aussie Curves – Bodycon

    Ah, bodycon. It’s only a style i’ve started experimenting with lately. I blame ASOS! They released a few dresses in bodycon that I instantly fell in love with. This dress was actually the first one I bought, I’d been eyeing it for awhile and when it went on sale, I bought it. I also have the black and white geometric dress (See HERE) and the floral & jewel print one (See Here) The sleeves on this dress are long, very much like THIS one, so I decided to tuck them up. Unlike the floral one, I don’t have as much of a VBO, I’m not sure why. Gosh, I really…

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    Weekly Wishlist

    ASOS – Premium gem necklace – $85 New Look – Floral print peplum dress – £27.99 Dream Diva – Ribbon detail skirt – $59.00 ASOS – Lace cat ears – $17 ASOS Curve – Metallic Blazer – $110.50 ASOS – Floral and jewel drop earring – $12.75 ASOS Curve – Leather skater skirt – $136 Forever New – Kitty Kat Teck case – $39.99 Autograph – Floral Print Tunic – $69.99 New Look – Silver Coated knitted jumper – £29.99 Forever New – Princess embellished sandal – $69.99

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    Weekly Wishlist

    Dorothy Perkins – Leather Look Skinny trouser – £32.00 City Chic – Cut out Skater Dress – $99.95 Forever New – Alina Macrame Thread Bracelet – $16.99 ASOS Curve – Sequin Peplum Dress – $89.46 Colette – Stone & Diamante earrings – Set of two pairs – $9.95 Mermaid Killer – Audrey Kittyching Dress – $39.95 Colette – Stone & Diamante earrings – Set of two pairs – $9.95 Forever 21 – Faux Leather pleated skirt – $24.80 Dream Diva – Floral Jeans – $79 City Chic – Yellow midi pleated skirt – $69.95 Sportsgirl – Mistress Sunglasses – $39.95 Unif – Jesus Saves, I spend Cardigan – $108 City Chic – Yellow zip trim jacket…

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    MBFWA: Day 4 Outfit!

    Day 4 was my 2nd day at MBFWA. I wanted to keep my outfit comfortable, but still fashionable and well ‘me’. So, of course I went for my trusty black with pops of colour combo. I was considering wearing my Day 5 outfit on Day 4, but I’m glad I didn’t. I actually was carrying around my outfit for the next day in my bag as I was staying at Caitlins house that night! By far the comfiest shoes I own right now, well, comfortable for me to wear! I just have to remember to be careful when I take them off! These are aptly named ‘Hellraisers’ and one of…