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Aussie Curves – Breaking the Rules


Breaking the rules, huh? I found this challenge hard. Sure, there are many things we are told ‘not to wear’, especially as a plus size woman. The thing is, I’ve never really paid too much attention to those rules. I’ve worn crop tops, bodycon, and rocked a vbo many times. Last time we had this challenge, I wore leggings as pants, a stripped down to my bra.


This time, I’m going a bit more simpler. Socks with heels. It’s something you either love or hate. I actually love it, but I admit to liking some questionable 80’s fashion. How AWESOME is this dress!? It’s from the straight size section of ASOS, but I couldn’t resist. The neckline is a little higher then I’d normally go for, and it kind of makes me look pregnant, but I don’t care, because it’s covered in pooches!!


Dress ASOS | Petticoat Domino Dollhouse | Socks ASOS | Shoes Target | Necklace Forever Newaussiecurves-breakingrules-004

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