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My Ultimate Birthday Wishlist!

 Today marks ONE MONTH til my birthday. Yep, after much discussing with my Mum, then my Dad, a couple of friends, a calculator, I managed to work out I was turning 27! Please tell me I’m not the ONLY one who forgets how old they are!? So here is my crazy epic wishlist full of things I can’t afford. Tis a dreamlist!birthdayyy

  • THE ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!! Return tickets to my spiritual homeland, aka New Zealand, to attend the Armageddon Expo with the “You shall not pass” Hobbit tickets. Accommodation for a week. Visits to Weta and some Lord of the Rings tours. Also getting to meet Ezmae! (Optional extras I would not say NO to would include a night with Richard Armitage or Dean O’Gorman).
  • Zana Bayne Leather | ZB stuff  has appeared on my wishlist a few times. I’ve been following Zana online for years and it’s been amazing seeing her get all the success she deserves. Her items are amazing! My top two wishlist items are the CC-Harness – $115 & the Gemini Harness – $210.
  • Noir Sunglasses by Miu Miu | I’d love these is the red, pink, blue or silver glitter. I’ve wanted these glasses forever, so much so, that when you google Miu Miu Noir glasses, or sunglasses, my blogs on the first page, and in the images. I NEED THEM!
  • Giant Dinosaur necklace by Tatty Devine – £135.00 | An item i’ve wanted for what seems like forever. Sadly, the AU$ is crazy. It’s better then it has been, but it still makes the necklace $205au. But isn’t it AMAZING!?
  • Pentagram Ring by Pamela Love – $161 | I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this ring. I don’t mind it in the bronze either, which is $92, oh and course the $1610 diamond version is beautiful!
  •  Buckle up boot by TS14+ – $269.95 | In red! LOVE these! I have one pair of tall boots for winter, oh two if you include a pair that need to re-soled. But the red in these are just fantastic! I’m enjoying wearing red now that I’m no longer pink-haired!
  • Benefit Cosmetics – I love Benefit Cosmetics, I only have 2 full products, but I’ve used a few of their samples, but I love them. A couple of my most wanted products are The porefessional, Watts up, Fake Up & It’s Potent.
  • City Chic Voucher – I’m really liking a few of the items up at CC at the moment. My favourites being THIS one and THIS one. (Oh, and I also wouldn’t say no to ASOS vouchers!)
  • Mouse Ballerina Flats by Marc by Marc Jacobs – $248 | Urgh, seriously, how ridiculously cute are these shoes! I think I may be a bit scared to wear shoes worth this much money though, but hey, at least they are flats, so they would get worn more often!

I also have 2 wishlist boards up on my pinterest, which I update regularly with all my wishy wanty goodness. So make sure you check out my Fashion wishlist & Non fashion wishlist.

I never expect presents, but I do like cards. I grew up being taught to appreciate cards, so cards mean the world to me. I’m pretty easy to buy for though, I love everything. Anything that glitters. Stickers. Shoes. Stationary. Candles. Owls. Fandom (Lord of the Rings, Labyrinth, Doctor Who, to name a few). Jewellery, I’m a silver wearer, but i’ve started wearing gold & I love natural gemstones. Make up. Clothes.