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Curvy Couture Roadshow – The Runway

Show 1 – Beachwear & Contemporary

Robyn Lawley Swimwear |  Beyond the Sea Swimwear | Meri by Design | Lucabella

I learnt a couple of things at the CCR, and one of those is, make sure your camera batteries are all charged, and even if they are, bring the charger along anyway. I arrived on the day with 2 battery packs, and as the catwalk started, the first set died. Cue me running off to the media room to try and dig out my other battery pack. Sigh. So I missed out on seeing a few of these.



Show 2 – Contemporary

17 Sundays | Harlow | Embody Denim | Christine Kardashian

I have much love for all these labels, though only own 17 Sundays and Harlow items. While I am on a major spending ban, I did pick up one thing, a Harlow top on sale, but I’ll be doing a post on my CCR lustlist! That will include the 17 Sundays outfits in the dual pictures below. WANT!



Show 3 – Lingerie, Vintage & Retro Inspired

Sonsee | Miss Scarlett Did It | Professor’s Daughter Bombshell Vintage

Boy did the models rock this! One of the things I loved about the show was that it incorporated so many different body shapes and sizes. I loved seeing plus size ladies strut their stuff in gorgeous clothes, and in lingerie! It was refreshing, and the crowd went nuts for it! My camera also didn’t like to focus on sequins, I am super sad I couldn’t get a focused shot on THIS AMAZING dress by Bombshell Vintage. If I ever get married, I want to wear that dress!



Show 4 – Active, Edgy & Vintage

Curvy Chic Sports Seraphim | Misty BelvidereMarji & Jean | Hey Fatty | Fox Parse

Again, with camera batteries! My camera died during the Misty Belvidere set, and I wanted to cry. I took the time to sit and just watch the rest of the show and loved getting caught up in watching, rather then snapping away pictures. I think this show may have been my favourite, just because of such individuality in the designs. Seraphim, Misty Belvedere and Marji & Jean were my faves!


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(Note: Gallery images have loaded from newest to oldest. Which means the first photos are from Show 4, and the last images are from Show 1)