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Curvy Couture Roadshow – Outfit


The weekend just past was the Curvy Couture Roadshow. Before I delve into what an amazing day it was, I thought i’d show off what outfit I decided to wear. It was a hard choice! After reading both Danimezza and iCurvy‘s post on ‘What to Wear to CRR’ I admit, I was feeling a little intimidated!


The outfit I chose was a little out of my normal comfort zone, but I figured this would be the one place I’d be able to get away with more things. So, I chose a crop top and pencil skirt combo. Now, i’m not actually shy of crop tops, you’ve seen me rock them on the blog many times, but pencil skirts are another matter. I still have my days when I just don’t have enough body love to rock the VBO.


My nails were a random splattered colour effect that I experimented with. I didn’t decide what to pack until around 5 hours before I left to go to the airport, so I figured colourful nails would pick up something from any outfit. You can see a better pic of them here.


Top – Supre | Skirt – ASOS Curve | Shoes – Guess | Necklace – Myer | Belt – City Chic


Super in love with these shoes! I ducked out to Chadstone last Friday and had a look around Myer. My first pair of Guess, well, anything! They were originally $139 and I got them on sale for $39. I love the colours in them!


Thanks to Olivia for taking my outfit photos for me!