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Curvy Couture Roadshow – Random Snaps

April 3, 2014


I didn’t take too many random snaps during the day, trying to save camera battery, but I did take a few. So i’ve decided to round them all up into this post. Above was the gorgoues print selection on dresses by Marji & Jean.ccr-random-002

Ashley is super adorable eatting her fairy floss! It matched her outfit perfectly. It was the first time I got to meet Ashley, as well as Liv. It’s nice to get to meet people that you know from online. I still need to work on not being so shy, but I think I did okay!ccr-random-003

Ahhh, behind the scenes of Outfit photos!! I always find it interesting to watch other people get their outfit photos taken. Suger and Liv both seem so natural in front of the camera. I take most of my outfit photos by myself, so I always feel so awkward when I have someone else taking the photos for me!


Awesome shoes!!



More Ashley and I!


I’ve been lusting after this 17 Sundays jacket for what seems like over a year now, and finally seeing it (& feeling it) in person has made me want it even more!


I am SUPER in love with Gemma Flacks artwork for the event. The Silvana Tedescodisplay was so gorgeous! I’ve always thought if I was to get married, I’d have a non traditional coloured dress, but seeing these couture pieces in person had me wanting a beautiful flowing ivory gown.


More 17 Sundays awesomeness!


I also met Hayley Hasselhoff. She was so gosh darn beautiful in person and very nice! Sadly, my photo turned out blurry! I blame her total babeness, my camera just couldn’t handle it!

  • Ashley Rose

    I loved loved meeting you FINALLY!! Not shy at all, your such a gorgeous lady inside and out xx

  • Olivia

    Oh stop it! Great pics Nat! I think you did great, you didn’t seem shy at all! xx

  • Gorgeous photos – those wedding dresses are perfection! I’m still so awkward with outfit photos. My husband takes them. On my iPhone. I think I’m going to ask for a nice camera and tripod for my birthday this year. Not that I’ll have the courage to take photos of myself out in public…not just yet anyways. We used to own a house in the country and could take photos in the backyard with all the privacy in the world. Ah, bliss. And then we moved to the city center, where there’s no privacy once you step out your front door. And everyone passing by wonders what the heck you’re doing. Being fabulous, that’s what!

    <3 Liz

  • Looks so fun. I love those lacy wedding dresses.

  • Sonshu

    I completely agree with you on the shy thing. I think Im quite shy too. Also, love seeing the behind the scenes of a fashion bloggers shoot. And yes, I too like to click my own pictures. Awkward people committee?

    Love your blog. So pretty and well designed.




  • Thank you! I’m getting better at overcoming the shyness, but it certainly takes awhile.

  • They were so gorgeous!! I’ve always thought if I were to get married, I wouldn’t have a traditional wedding dress, but these ones made me change my mind.

  • It’s hard when you’re shy! I do mine in the backyard 98% of the time. I’ll sometimes get my Mum to snap a quick pic on my phone, but I often feel shy even asking for that!

  • Aww! I’ve learnt to be a lot better, and I kind of push through it. I’m very much an introvert though, if I have to do a day like that being bubbly and talkative, I usually have to retreat for a day or two, I find it sooo tiring!

  • Aww, thank you sweety! xox