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Outfit of the first #mfwplus panel

Last night marked the first even of Melbourne Fashion Week Plus. It was a panel entitled “Feminism, Fashion & Fat Bodies” and was such an empowering & fun night. I took notes (by hand, which cramped, ow!) and will be doing a post about it soon. Firstly, I just wanted to show off what I wore.

Make up from my outfit for the first #mfwplus panel.

Makeup! Earlier in the day, I went out with my friend Anne to Mecca Maxima. Anne had her make up done and it really inspired me to go all out. You can read all about Anne’s experience on her blog HERE. I used a whole lot of products if you want to know any, just ask!

Details of my outfit for the first #mfwplus panel.

My outfit got a lot of attention, between to the oohs of the skirt to the ahs of people rubbing my cardigan. It was all about textures for this outfit. Now, a lot of this outfit is straight sizing, which I guess may be weird of me to wear considering part of the panel was about fat fashion, but one thing I try to remind people is, don’t look at the size tag. Some items fit you even if they are a straight size. Try things on! I do know I’m privileged that I am a mid range fat and can fit into more sizing options, but don’t let numbers fool you.

My outfit for the first #mfwplus panel.

Top – Big W (size 3xl) || Skirt – Monki via ASOS (size L ) || Cardigan – Mika & Gala  (size 12)
Shoes – ASOS || Belt – ASOS Curve || Bag – Kmart || Pom Pom – Sportsgirl
Earrings – Vintage || Glasses – Versace MOD 3150-B.

My outfit for the first #mfwplus panel.

So, a few things about this outfit. The top is from Big W! I’ve bought up a few of their tees lately (Finding Nemo & Trolls) because they’ve been releasing them up to a size 3xl! This Barbie top is actually a crop! Yes! A Barbie crop top that goes up to a 3xl. THANK YOU BIG W!

Details of my outfit for the first #mfwplus panel.

The cardigan, jacket, thing, was a spur of the moment buy, again, years ago. It was in one of those random tiny stores tucked between bigger stores at a shopping centre. I was with my sister, and the store had so many different brands, all in tiny sizes. I, of course, was drawn to the pink furry garment, it was so soft and stretchy, the largest size was a size 12! I tried it on anyway, and whilst it doesn’t zip up properly, I’m happy to wear it open. It was on sale for like $10 too.

Details of my outfit for the first #mfwplus panel.

The skirt I bought agggges ago online at ASOS (you can see me wear it HERE in 2014). It’s by Monki, who have recently been getting more attention from Plus size bloggers due to a lot of their garments being oversized. I loved this skirt so much I decided to order it and just try it out. This is the L, and as you can see, fits me fine!

The QLD bloggers and I after the first #mfwplus panel.

Me, with the Queensland crew! Suger Coat It, Wait Until Sunset & Madame Rouge.
Thanks to Liv for the outfit shots!

Details of my makeup for the first #mfwplus panel.

Do you have any clothing that isn’t your ‘normal’ size?