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My Life Soundtrack – 5ive

I love music, I’m not sure exactly what it is specifically, I just know, that I’d have a hard time living without it. It helps me sleep, it helps drown out my head when I’m having a bad day, it can make me happy & want to dance, it also have the power to make me cry?

I’m not a religious person, but I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I kind of believe in a music hierarchy. David Bowie is my God. Amanda Palmer is my Jesus. And now, I thought I’d open myself up and talk about The Angels. If you know me, you know who I’m about to say, without a doubt.

5ive. Yes, that British ‘lad’ band. It’s weird to say it now, thinking back on my early teen years, I was an ‘out and proud’ 5ive fan. I’m still a fan of course, but I don’t have that crazed teen fan frenzy. I’m older, and 5ive connect me to those years. They remind me of some of my struggles, they remind me of my high school years, they remind me of friends. These days, I’m not just a fan of their music, I’m a fan of how they effected my life. Unknowingly, these guys made music, that when times got hard, when I felt like the world was caving in on me, when it was dark & I wanted nothing more to fall asleep and not wake up, I’d put on my headphones, I’d listen to the music, I’d escape.

Of  course, some of these escapes included me somehow ending up in the UK and marrying Ritchie Neville, but you know, we all have our fantasies. It started one nigthe while watching the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party & never ended. The posters, THE FANFIC, oh lord the fanfic, in fact, I’m sure I still have some in one of my boxes out the back.  It was love to my young teen heart. I had the albums, the singles, the VHS, the DVDs. I went to the 2000 Sydney concert, I still have the t-shirt. Sure, I look back now and think “that was a little, well, obsessive”, but hey, I think everyone goes through at least one of those stages.

I cried, like someone had died when the split was announced. I ran around the house when they ‘re-united’. I was on the forum every day. I made some amazing friends because of them (oh hai Rotae!). I again, ran around the house screaming when one day Ritchie replied to my tweet & I still to this day, have high school friends who love to playfully tease me about my love of 5ive. I still know the dance moves to two, maybe three somgs. When I’m depressed “keep on moving” can still bring a smile to my face.

Music holds memories. Feelings, emotions. These days, it’s like 5ive are friends I’ve not seen in ages, I don’t think of them as often, I don’t miss them so much, but they hold special memories, and I don’t love them any less.

So what’s sparked this blabbering. Twitter & the hash tag of #5ivereunion. needless to say, if it was ever to happen, they’d make many people happy. They’d make me ecstatic. I wbold even bloody travel to the UK to see them, fitting, as it was them who made me fall in love with the place. I not so secretly have my fingers crossed, that it will happen. For now, I’m waiting on more news about PRINCE TOURING AUSTRALIA!

What music has effected your life?

Don’t judge me! Oh, and those photos were taken in 2008.