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Giant horses, huge dogs & puppies, OH MY!

December 22, 2016 Everyday Personal

You’ve heard me rave on about Anatolian Shepherds a lot on the blog, it’s easy to say they are a breed I feel strongly about and absolutly adore. I’m lucky that Melbourne has a pretty amazing community surrounding these dogs and on Tuesday I went and helped out on the Takas Volkodav property. By help out I mean, play with all the animals.


This is Geronimo, he’s HUGE! It takes a lot to make me feel small and standing next to him, well, I felt pretty small! There is a picture where his head is in front of my body and it’s pretty much the size of my torso. He was absolutely stunning and so friendly! I fed him a hay brick and then some bread from my hand! It’s true, I turn into an excited 7-year-old around animals.

Anatolian Puppies

PUPPIES! I’d never actually met any Anatolian puppies before, so it was a lot of fun getting to baby sit them! They are crazy cute little terrors who tried to eat all my clothes and hair. I’m not sure of their exact age but they were born in October.

Georgian Shepherd

This is Sunny, who nearly bowled me over with her beauty and her strength, seriously, I couldn’t walk her, she was a bit too strong for me. She is a Georgian Shepherd imported from Georgia. I stupidly asked ‘As in America?’ because I really do suck when it comes to geography. No, as in Georgia, the country in Europe. It then clicked in my head, because while I didn’t know about Georgian Shepherds, I did know about the Caucasian Shepherd/ Ovcharka.

Georgian Shepherd

She was super friendly, I am still surprised when you meet such a friendly huge dog. Not that large dogs aren’t friendly, it’s just that a lot of these dogs are guardian dogs and so much of the research i’ve read points to them being very protective and somewhat standoff-ish. Nope, not Sunny!


Central Asian Shepherd

This is Shamash, who I got to walk, she was very strong too and at one point was dragging me along the path. It was gravel and I couldn’t get a good enough grip on it. Once he got all her excitement (& pee) out he calmed down a lot and was easier to walk. This was my first time meeting a fully grown Central Asian Shepherd, I’d previously met Baby Sham Sham who is one of Shamash’s progeny. I got to meet a couple more CAS through windows as they aren’t as friendly and loving as Shamash.

Anatolian puppies

Puppies again! George, the brindle (lower left corner) will be heading off on a new adventure to Italy soon! Jicky is now protecting thousands of free range chickens on an organic chicken farm & Rajah will be a working dog on a farm in Dubbo!

It was such a wonderful day and my idea of heaven. Horses, dogs, beautiful land and a view. I learnt that hay gets everywhere, I came home with more hay in my bra than boobs! I’ve learnt that while I love huge dogs, I think Anatolians are still the right choice for me. The CAS are gorgeous, but I think too much of a strong dog for me, strength wise and personality wise.

What’s your favourite farm animal?

  • Louise P
    December 23, 2016 at 9:52 am

    This is exactly my idea of the perfect day, too! I am so jealous! Haha! Any day spent around animals is the best. All of these animals are beautiful and oh so adorable. The horses are beauties, especially Geronimo, and I just want to cuddle all of those gorgeous giant dogs! I know my dog breeds, but I’ve never heard of a Georgian Shepherd or Central Asian Shepherd before, but wow, they are amazing! I can’t imagine they’re easy to walk on a lead, even for the strongest of people, unless they’re really well trained and laid-back. I couldn’t even walk one of my sister’s German Shepherds when I was healthy and still physically strong as she was so powerful, so I’d have no chance! Haha! My little Tibetan terrier is a challenge enough for me now. I’d still love a giant dog one day, though. There’s just something so lovely about them. xx

  • Natalie Mulford
    December 23, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    I think Lilli was a little worried she was taking advantage of me but I kept having to tell her that I would HAPPILY do this ANYTIME! It actually helped SO much with my state of mind too.

    They aren’t hugely popular dog breeds especially in Australia. They are all European dogs, the Anatolian being a Turkish livestock guardian, the CAS around that area too and quite popular in Russia. Than the Georgian Shepherd, of course in Georgia. I looked into a lot of the large guardian breeds a few years ago when I started researching the Anatolian, and then made the decision that I though the Anatolian would be the one for me. I actually never thought i’d meet a Caucasian Shepherd (or well, as close to one with the Georgian Shepherd). The fact that Sunny was born overseas and that is amazing!

    Oh man, I was actually a little scared walking them at first! I originally had Sunny and a long lead, then a shorter lead, then Shamash who I found a little easier, but they are STRONG. The Anatolians are huge dogs, but they are a bit more rangey, were both the CAS and GS are very strong and full of muscle. I wish I could have got some good pictures of Brasco (http://www.takasvolkodav.com/dog.asp?dog=23319) because he was even bigger than Shamash. His head was HUGE and he walked like a big cat. He’s not overly friendly so I only met him through the window. (Her dogs are very well looked after and Brasco had full run of the house!)