Come join me on the Dayre app!

If you’re in Melbourne city, you may have seen some advertising for Dayre. A new social media platform. I’ve been using Dayre since August and have been loving it! I’ve had a few people comment that they’d like to see some more of my life, and this works as the perfect platform for that. It’s less curated than Instagram, but more permanent than Snapchat.


If you are out and about and see a Dayre sign, snap a pic of it! Once you have photos of at least 3 signs, post them on your Dayre account with the hashtag #GottaDayreIt and you get entered in the running to win some super cool prizes. The mains being a trip for 2 to Gold Coast, a trip for 2 to Sydney, or a $300 Myer voucher!

Dayre have made it easy for you and even mapped out where you can find the posters! You can find that and more info here.


The community on Dayre is great, you can find people with similar interests through hashtags, through a ‘local’ area, showing people close to you and a ‘community’ page which shares posts that your friends have liked or commented on. My fave hashtag is #catsofdayre!

Dayre is available on Apple, Android and Windows 10 & it’s really simple to use. So if you’re wanting to see more from me, and to join a new awesome social media platform, head over to Dayre and join up! Don’t forget to follow me too, my username is XLasLife!

Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored post, but I am a Dayre ambassador. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you joined Dayre? Let me know your username so I can follow you!