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Holding on and letting go.

July 23, 2012

It will be weird to say goodbye to a house that feels like part of the family, I moved in to it when I was around 5, I don’t have many memories from before this house. This is the house I lived in all through my school years. The front yard was where Kylie and I would twirl around and round in circles and then colapse to the ground on. The first pool is where Kylie and I would go on adventures involving mermaids and underground doors leading to places that only held burgers. That pool had to be replaced because our dog King loved the water so much, he ended up tearing the lining of the pool and we had to get a new one.

It is a place that holds the memory of many of my animals, my first dog Billy, and my second baby Prince. My parents dogs, Goldy, King and Bayley. Numerous rabbits and fish. While not a pet but 2 birds that would always come and sit on my balcony, nicknamed Squeak and Sqwark, they’d come up to the window and tap on it so we would talk to them. My Nans cat Sebastian. While they are gone, sometimes it feels like they could still be here.

The room that is currently my bedroom has been a lounge room, a computer room, a ping pong room, a pool table room, a lounge room again. It was my Nans room for 10 years, my brother stayed here for a month, and it’s been my bedroom. It has always had the bar in it though, always had over a dozen bottles of wines and bourbon.

I’m a fiercely loyal person, I’m emotional, I’m sentimental. I don’t give up easy, I latch on to something and never want to let go. I’m learning, as I grow older, you don’t need to keep every single item that has a memory attached to it, you can still keep the memory without having to have something physical to go with it. While it will be hard to say goodbye to this house, I will still keep it within my heart.

My childhood house is now on the market, you can view it HERE. Saturday held the first day that people looked through it, around 10 people/couples/families came through. Whoever this house will soon belong to, I hope it brings them as many amazing memories as I will keep from it.

  • Nessbow

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to say goodbye to your childhood home. The only thing I’ve experienced that’s kind of similar was when my grandparents moved out of the home they’d lived in while I was growing up. I was nineteen when they moved, and I had so many happy memories attached to that house. My cousin bought the house, and renovated it. I find it really hard to visit him though, because even though it’s the same bricks and mortar, it doesn’t feel like them same place.

  • It’s time to start new memories 🙂 It must be a very hard time for you. I still haven’t had to say goodbye to my childhood house, and i’m not looking forward to.

  • I’m going to be an emotional mess the day my family sells our home. Like you, my home is my childhood home, and having lived in it as an adult, I’ve grown even more appreciative of the amount of memories here and those still being made here. I loved this post, Natalie. Wishing your family many happy times at your new home.

  • My mum keeps talking about “When we sell the house and I move to Wales.” Everytime she says it my stomach twists, so I kinda get the giving up on your family home thing.

    Hope you get to make as many wonderful memories in your new house. 🙂

  • I’m right with you and the others that have shared here, too, because I’ve sold my childhood home – I was forced into it by financial circumstances – and it’s very emotionally challenging … even harder for me, tho, is when my childhood summer house was sold – because the person who bought it, bought like two or three houses in a row -so he could knock them all down and build one big megilla! So where my childhood summers were, is now someone’s kitchen, would you believe that! Like I could stand on the sidewalk and if I can gather where the kitchen is, I can say, well, gee, alot of my memories are wrapped up THERE ;-

  • That would be so hard! I was quite upset when my Nan sold her house, it was the house my Mum and her brothers grew up in, and I remember going over from as young as I can remember. Visiting on Sundays for roasts. She was getting old, and she moved in with us, so sold her house, and it was a beautiful old house with so much history, and the first people who owned it ended up gutting some of it to make it into a hairdressers, then the next owners pulled it down and replaced it with a huge two story house. It’s sad. My parents have stipulated that the house goes to a family, or at least not go as an investment property, we have the most AMAZING neighbours, and they are both elderly, and Mum doesn’t want the risk of crazy renters coming in.

  • Thank you! So do I, it’s so weird to think that this will no longer be my ‘home’. Even when I lived in Adelaide and had my own house, this was still my ‘home’.

  • I know, moving back in here last year was hard, from having my own house, back in with my parents, but it’s just created even more memories. I’m just thankful that memories are something you keep with in you, so even though I’m not living here, it will be in my heart.

  • It will be great to make mew memories. I went from living in this house for as long as I can remember, to living with my ex’s parents, to having my own house for 2 years, to moving back in with my parents. I like that the new place I can have more independence, it will do me good.

  • I found it really hard when my Nan sold her house, I think in a way, I found that harder. It was the house my Mum and her two brothers grew up in, and I remember visiting it for as long as I can remember. I remember loving the drive to botany on some Sundays to have one of my Nans yummy roasts. She ended up selling it and moving in with us, when she got to old to live by herself. That house doesn’t exist anymore, it’s been torn down and is a two story house. It’s hard seeing things that holds memories, but it’s warped somehow. It will be weird to no longer call it home, but i’m trying to keep positive and look forward to the new possibilities the new house brings (like a cat!)