OOTD: Asos Curve Dog Print shirt!

While i’ve cut out most of my clothing spending in preperation to move, I couldn’t resist this ASOS top when it came online. I’m a sucker for any kind of print with animals on it, that combined with the peter pan collar and I was putty. I wore this last weekend and my nephew took the photos for me, one thing I need to teach him is to get my whole body in the shots, I do actually have feet. He still did a pretty great job, thanks Caleb!

The outfits i’ve been wearing lately seem to feel very corperate, I’m thinking all these real estate agents have been influencing me. I’ve also come to realise I need to learn to sew as I need more versions of this skirt. It’s probably my most worn skirt, I just love it. My hair is in desperate need of a dye, but I’ve not wanted to run the risk of staining the bath whilst our house is on the market. I’m thinking I may have to bite the bullet and pay for my hair to be done at the hair dressers.

The above picture amuses me, spot the creeper Frodo!

  • TOP – Asos Curve – Size 22
  • SKIRT – Crossroads
  • BELT – ASOS CurveĀ (This belt is from last season, the one linked is similar)
  • SHOES – K-mart

My nephew always encourages me to pull some of the weirdest poses and faces, you should see some of the out takes šŸ˜›

If you could have any animal silhouetteĀ on a shirt, what would you choose?