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Outfit – Oversized perfection!

December 29, 2017

Being fat you’re constantly being told what to wear and what not to wear. Don’t wear stripes. Accentuate your curves. Don’t wear oversized items. Do wear oversized items. Don’t wear colour. It’s allll over the shop. Everyone has their own opinion. Me? I wear what I want.

Plus size OOTD - Teal Velvet Babydoll Glamorous ASOS Curve

A lot of people complain about the oversize shapeless dresses that so many plus size retailers do. Believe me, I’ve been guilty of it a time or two. Generally, I don’t want to wear an oversized sheet-like muumuu. But it doesn’t mean you can’t & it doesn’t mean there aren’t some really amazing oversized options out there.

Plus size OOTD - Teal Velvet Babydoll Glamorous ASOS Curve

Case in point, this dress. I fell in love with the colour and the fact that it’s velvet. It’s oversized, and I mean oversized. I left it too late to buy it in a size down, so this is my standard size, a 22. It’s big, but it’s OH SO COMFORTABLE! I wore it out to a concert last week and it was so breezy and cool.

Plus size OOTD - Teal Velvet Babydoll Glamorous ASOS Curve

I paired it with a brooch, statement earrings and comfy shoes and it was perfect for a summer day. Yes, even though it’s a velvet, it’s so large it works for warmer days!

Plus size OOTD - Teal Velvet Babydoll Glamorous ASOS Curve

Dress – Glamorous at ASOS (Size 22) || Shoes – Best & Less || Earrings – MissARee Guts || Brooch – Dizzy Little Dotty

Plus size OOTD - Teal Velvet Babydoll Glamorous ASOS Curve

What’s something you’ve been told not to wear that you think is ridiculous?

  • I love this dress the colour the oversized look which I have always been a fan of. You look fabulous xxx

  • Louise P

    That dress looks amazing on you! It was made for you. The colour looks so lovely with your hair. I don’t often wear oversized pieces anymore, as I feel more comfortable in fitted clothes, but if I find a piece I love that suits me, I’m all over it. Sometimes something oversized and comfy is needed. I try not to listen to the ‘rules’ society puts on us plus size people, but for years I avoided stripes, skinny jeans, and wearing anything light-coloured on my bottom half. I eventually realised how ridiculous their ‘rules’ were, and decided to wear what I wanted, and I’m much happier for it. Fuck society, I say! xx

  • I love this dress, I got the dark green velvet one last year which is kinda christmassy – this lush turquoise is perfect for summer though. You look gorgeous, your earrings are amazing as well 🙂 x

  • Nessbow

    Oh man, this dress is fantastic. The fabric and the colour look amazing on you. And even though it’s oversized, it not shapeless. The gathering at the waist still gives it a cute silhouette and it looks gorgeous.