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Outfit – A galaxy of badges!

Do you have those days when you just want to put on your comfiest clothes and crawl onto the couch and not move? I’ve been having a lot of those lately, but alas, being an adult means you often have to suck it up and do what needs to be done. I still want to dress comfy, but if i’m heading out, I like to put a little more effort into my outfit.


My favourite thing  at the moment is this jacket. It’s great for Melbourne weather, it’s warm and comfortable. The main section being denim and the rest being a thick stretch jumper material. I don’t tend to like full denim jackets as I find them a little stiff, but these sleeves (and removable hood) make it fit perfectly.


I decided to customise it with a whole lot of pin back buttons, some of these are soooo old! I also plan to put some of the iron on patches I own on the back! If you want to know where a specific pin came from, leave a comment and I’ll try and remember where its from!


These leggings are proof to check out straight sized stores. These are from Supre! I actually have a few things from Supre. It still amuses me to see how on trend and young girl marketed Supre is these days, as when I was young it had a lot of daggy track suits and more in the way of comfort wear. That’s probably showing my age!


Don’t mention my hair! I’d forgotten how fast some colours fade! The blue lasted so long in my hair, and now that sunset colour has washed out majorly. Anyone want to come over and dye my hair for me? Also, super fresh faced. Just out of a long bath and a facemask, so no make up.


One thing I’ve learnt since moving to Melbourne, is that hoods come in handy! Especially if you don’t carry an umbrella around with you. I’ve been caught out in a random rain shower more then once and have been saved by a hood. Though on the way home from the airport with all my luggage, a lovely lady walked up to me whilst I was waiting in the rain at the crossing, and she walked me all the way to the bus stop with her umbrella. It was so lovely of her, so thank you random wonderful woman. Thank you.


Top – Harlow || Jacket BeMe || Leggings – Supre || Boots – Betts
Necklace The Universe Child  || Badges – Various


Are you like me and have a stash of pin back buttons?