Melbourne Scenery!

Sorry for the short hiatus. My parents are currently in Melbourne and I’ve been staying with them in their cabin. It’s been nice to get away and to see more of Melbourne, and of course, it’s great seeing my parents and their dogs. I miss them all terribly.

The caravan park they are staying at has THE BEST kids area, which of course, I had to take advantage of. In the picture above, you can see me on what I can only describe as the offspring of a trampoline & jumping castle. It’s SO much fun!


The other day we took a day trip out to Drouin and Warragal, which are about an hour out of Melbourne. I still find it amazing how different Melbourne is to Sydney. If you drove an hour out of Sydney you’d still be in a super built up populated area, where as in Melbourne, you’ve got country towns!


And cows! LOTS of cows!

I’m back at home now, trying to clean the house, but i’m heading back to stay with my parents a couple more nights. I’m also looking forward to spending fathers day with Dad.


What have you been up to in the past week?