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Fathers Day Outfit!


First up, the outfit! I only really got this one decent picture of my outfit, but this is what I wore for Fathers day. It was cold out, and what you can’t tell is that I have 2 pairs of stockings, a singlet & a long sleeve top on under the dress!

Stockings – c/o Sonsee | Dress – c/o Mynt1792 | Long Cardi – Rockmans
Earrings – Capn Muller | Sunglasses – Quay ‘My Girl’.


Fathers day we traveled out to Jindivick and had lunch at Jindivick Tavern Harvest Kitchen. My parents travel with their dogs, so we had to find a place that was dog friendly, and we lucked out with this place!


After looking at the menu, we ALL decided on the seafood platter. Mum wanted hers without any garlic of spice, and they went so far as to crumb her calamari differently to everyone else. Now THAT is service! The food was delicious!


The weather was pretty iffy a lot of the day, but when we sat down the wind eased up and sun came out a bit to make it really enjoyable. Look at that view! I found it fascinating to see in the distance the fog layer under the mountain.


This is Merlin, he was wandering around the property, and I think lived their, or belonged to the owners. He was SO well behaved and seemed to just want to make friends with my parents dogs. Betsy isn’t too friendly with other dogs, we thing it’s because she’s deaf & is frightened, she just barks, which is then sad, because she’s been de-barked.


I had to include that picture, because doesn’t he just look majestic!?


My mum with Betsy and Aussie. Then Dad & I later that night, I need to teach him how to selfie better 😛

I’m back home now, and my parents are on their way back to Sydney tomorrow. I miss them already.

What did you get up to on the weekend?