Looking forward to the future.


After ending my (nearly) 6 year relationship in 2011, I decided I really needed to take some time to “get to know myself” again. I realised  in those years how much I had changed and how different my priorities had changed to ones that suited Adam. I was 25 at the time and not knowing what I wanted from life.

I’ve spent a lot of 2012 soul searching, envisioning, dreaming, working on my mental health, working on my life. It’s been an odd year, it’s been emotional and hard at times, part of figuring out what you want in life means looking at yourself, exposing yourself and really facing up to your demons.

tyope04I’m still young, i’m 26, I still have a long life a head of me, but it’s nice to know now that I have more of an idea of what I want it to look like. When I look ahead, I don’t just see this jumbled mess of “I don’t know”, but penciled in ideas, dreams, guidelines to where I want to be. No, i’m not sharing, I like to hold my cards tight to my chest, but I’m content in knowing now, that I have an idea as to what I want.

I’ve learnt that even though I always want to make everyone around me happy, sometimes I have to put myself first. That people take advantage of you when you’re always so eager to please. That it’s okay to say NO. People who cause too much drama only bring you down. Life is as difficult as you make it, or let it be. You really can’t help who you care for. Sometimes the hardest advice to follow is your own.

2013 is MY year.

I am grabbing 2013 by the balls and making it my bitch. Yes  I am. So far, these are just a few of things I’ve got planned out.

  • In February I am travelling to Aitutaki with my Sister, her fiance and my nephew. This will be the 2nd time that I travel internationally, and while i’m a bit scared i’ll go crazy from a whole 2 weeks with limited internet and end up getting very burnt, i’m also super excited to spend some time relaxing.
  • In April i’m hoping to attend Fashion Week again!
  • Finishing everything in #thedarlingden
  • I spent 2012 doing some designs to build up my portfolio, but i’m hoping to start doing more graphic and web design work. Oh, and actually getting together an online portfolio.
  • Working on my blog. 2012 has been a rather big year for my blog, but i’m hoping to make 2013 even bigger. I’ve been working on things behind the scenes and brainstorming more ideas.
  • Working more on my mental health.


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