This Christmas (in pictures)

ablog-001I got to cut up the ham, which was probably a good idea, as I don’t actually eat ham. I did however sneak a few teeeeny pieces to Frodo whilst carving.

ablog-002My Christmas presents, on my horrid carpet. I found both games on sale for $15 at Kmart, so my parents bought them and put them away for Christmas for me. The hair curler I’ve wanted since Fashion Week after playing with Danimezzas.

ablog-003The weather was CRAZY. Usually we end up having horrid hot Christmas days, but this year was the wettest in over 70 years. Luckily our outdoor area has a lot of cover. We shared the day with Family friends Nancy, Terry and Jeanette. My Uncle Peter, my sister Sam, her fiance Paul, my nephew Caleb, my niece Ashley and my parents. My niece Sharn and her boyfriend visited later on in the day.

ablog-004Frodo and Sam! Frodo disappeared and Sam went to find him, he was hiding from the bonbons. It’s been so long since we’ve had bonbons that silly me forgot he didn’t like them. My niece Ashley and I.

ablog-005My sister Sam and I. Normally I think we look nothing a like (we’re only half sisters) but I can kind of see a bit of resemblance in the eyes in this picture.
ablog-006The bonbons provided this awesome fake moustache that was attached to a fake septum ring. It made me miss my septum piercing, but it was lots of fun! My niece Sharn and I. (If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, you might remember Sharn from when she lived with my Ex and I in Adelaide)

ablog-007Emily and Betsy were adorable, sitting on the step watching everyone eat with big sad eyes.

How did you celebrate Christmas?