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Aitutaki – Stop! It’s photo time!

I have over 1000 photos in my Aitutaki folder, that’s not even ALL of them. Between my sister, her fiance and myself, we took a lot. I thought I’d go through and pick a few more to share with you. I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since I was there. I also can’t believe how much I actually miss it.


With a super sized carving of Tangaroa |  Full moon at where we stayed. | Always a tree hugger.


Caleb & I playing in the lagoon.


Caleb and I relaxing on Rapota | Yummy drinks | On the first day


This fashion was somewhat crazy. The night before I was attacked by sandflies, and while i’d normally had left the leggings off, I had to wear then to stop myself from scratching. But seriously, don’t look  at me, look at THAT VIEW!


Fresh coconut milk | Beauty | Blue skies, blue sand, white sand. Happy.


HUGE tree, so gorgeous. It was just amazing and I can’t find the words to describe how big and beautiful it was.


Fire dancers. I loved the 3 island nights I went to. So much fun!


My sister celebrated her birthday. The cake was delicious. | My sisters fiance, and Ned preparing the cake.


My sister blowing out her candles as her son and nephew looks on.


Floating in the lagoon whilst wearing my Jellys.

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