Blogging Renaissance

After reading this post on Facebook by Very Excellent Habits about how she and Christina of Hair Romance missed blogging, I was inspired. Seriously, go read the post! I’ll wait.

It got me thinking, and reminiscing. I’ve been around this here internet for a long time now. I’ve seen blogging rise and fall in popularity, watched micro-blogging become a thing, and videos become the next big craze. Gosh, it does kinda make me feel old. 

I started sharing my life on the internet on Livejournal in 2001. I moved over to WordPress and opened Extra Large as Life in 2009 and rebranded to Natatree in 2017. That means, wow, 22 years ago. 

I’ve been to some amazing events over the years. The BlogcademyBlogopolisFashion Weeks of all varieties. It’s seen me live in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and now Queensland. One of the things I’ve loved about it all is the amount of people i’ve met and the friends I have made. I’ve also had a lot of great opportunities. 

I remember at one stage having doubts about it all. I’d seen so many fellow bloggers make it big, and I didn’t get many opportunities. The little voice in my head made me compare myself to others. It wasn’t a good time, but then I remembered why I did it all. I started the public blog because I had people complimenting me on my outfits and wanting to know more details. I had moved to SA and wanted to share my life with family and friends. As I got older I realised that I’m a bit more of a niche looking blogger and I suck at maintaining relationships with companies. I’m awkward and shy in real life. 

I still actively follow blogs, just not as many as there once were. I remember having to check my feed daily otherwise I’d end up with hundreds of posts to catch up on. These days, only a few of those blogs have survived. I thought I’d share a few faves…

The Aussies – 


So here we go! I’m going to try and post at least once a week for the next month! Who else is in?