Aussie Curves – Breaking the Rules

Another week I didn’t think I’d be able to participate in, not because I can’t break the rules, but for my lack of unpacked clothes. I managed to throw this outfit together out of what I had. Breaking the rules, leggings as pants, and a sheer top that shows of my midriff/belly.

I feel in love with these leggings, but before I could buy them, they’d sold out. Whilst doing my daily ASOS check (yes, i’m THAT bad) I was excited to see that they’d restocked them and snapped them up¬†immediately! I love them, so comfortable!

The bra i’m wearing I picked up today and I’m so in love! I also have the matching underwear. You can’t quite see it in the pictures above, so i’m biting the bullet and showing you the bra without the top! How’s that about breaking rules, oh no, it’s a fat gal showing off her belly.

  • SHEEP TOP – c/o The carpenters daughter
  • BLAZER – City Chic
  • LEGGINGS – ASOS Curve – Size 20
  • BRA – Best and Less – Curvy Angels by Prettylooks
  • SHOES – Unif Hellrasier
  • NECKLACE – Sportsgirl
  • WATCH – Target
  • BANGLES – Lovisa