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Aussie Curves – Breaking the Rules

October 22, 2012

Another week I didn’t think I’d be able to participate in, not because I can’t break the rules, but for my lack of unpacked clothes. I managed to throw this outfit together out of what I had. Breaking the rules, leggings as pants, and a sheer top that shows of my midriff/belly.

I feel in love with these leggings, but before I could buy them, they’d sold out. Whilst doing my daily ASOS check (yes, i’m THAT bad) I was excited to see that they’d restocked them and snapped them upimmediately! I love them, so comfortable!

The bra i’m wearing I picked up today and I’m so in love! I also have the matching underwear. You can’t quite see it in the pictures above, so i’m biting the bullet and showing you the bra without the top! How’s that about breaking rules, oh no, it’s a fat gal showing off her belly.

  • SHEEP TOP – c/o The carpenters daughter
  • BLAZER – City Chic
  • LEGGINGS – ASOS Curve – Size 20
  • BRA – Best and Less – Curvy Angels by Prettylooks
  • SHOES – Unif Hellrasier
  • NECKLACE – Sportsgirl
  • WATCH – Target
  • BANGLES – Lovisa

  • 2 Many Cupcakes

    I’m so glad im not the only one that does the daily ASOS check. You look smoking. Love it!

  • The leggings are awesome! And yay for breaking the rules and showing off your belly. You look so cute!

  • Those leggings caught my attention straight away, love them! The bra is a great match for them with the mesh top. Great outfit.

  • Those leggings need to be on display (without being covered) – they are so cool and are totally pants!

  • You look great. I love those tights. I would have obsessed too. Rachel xx

  • Michelle

    Foxy!! love the pattern and the black and the bra!!!

  • I love the pants!! & u <3

  • Nessbow

    I’m usually a huge enforcer of the ‘leggings are not pants’ rule, but you’re so cute I’ll let you get away with it.
    That bra is gorgeous too. You look pretty darn foxy.

  • there are so many things I love about this outfit, but your confidence outshines them all! love!

  • abearmadethis

    Love the leggings. and your cute new bra xxx

  • Wow the bra and leggings totally look like a set! The leggings as pants rule – I think it’s fine if the leggings are thick/good quality. A lot of the girls at my sister’s uni wear the cheap, thin leggings… yikes! Nothing left to the imagination. I reckon the rule should be – look in the mirror before you go out. If people can tell whether you’ve had a brazillian or not then you need something over those leggings.

  • Loving those leggings and bra! They look so matching it’s awesome. I wear leggings all the time, but only if I wear a dress down to my knees over them so my arse is covered up at all times

  • ASOS CHECK! Me too. Love these. Love this outfit and your gorgeous self. xo

    I just yelled out to Hubby, hey babe, Nat got her bra out! That’s weird, right? Haha. We were talking about the break the rules theme the other day and he was guessing at what outfits there would be. Bra as a top was one of his guesses. He’s a very happy dude indeed.

  • Cherie

    Oh WOW you look awesome … totally :~) xo

  • anita

    I looooove this oufit! love the leggings, sheer top and the bra and the shoes (have the same ones btw ) you look amazing

  • MINX

  • Ahaha, it seems a few people do the daily ASOS check!

  • Ahahah xoxo

  • Thank you! Oh how I love these shoes, so comfy!

  • Thank you! xo

  • Ahaha, I had trouble figuring out how to break the rules. I asked my sister and she said “Well, don’t you break the rules most of the times” I was thinking about doing a lingerie post, because I do love me some good lingerie, but most of it is packed and I think if I was to take that step I’d like someone else to take the photos for me.

  • I wear leggings a lot, but usually I have to have all the lady bits covered. I don’t mind a short skirt or tunic with them, but I don’t wear them as openly as I did with this.

  • I know right! That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to show off the bra better, because I think they look pretty good together. Yeah, I think it depends on the quality of leggings and also how it’s styled. Oh, I find it so frustrating when they wear the really thin leggings, it’s like, “I can see your underwear”. But I’m never sure if they know you can, or if they think they are thicker.

  • Thank you! xox

  • Thanks Amanda!

  • I usually don’t wear leggings as pants, unless it’s with a long top and all the lady bits are covered, but as a ‘breaking the rules’ post, I figured it was a reasonable rule to break!

  • Aw, thank you sweety! xoxox

  • Thank you!

  • The tights are amazing and soooo comfy! I’m glad I was able to get them!

  • I know! I think i’ll find it hard to style them as leggings, because I think they do need to be shown off!

  • Thank you! I’m so in love with these leggings!

  • Thank you! I’ve shown off my belly once before on the blog, so I figured, why not again!

  • I just had to edit my comment. I meant the ‘that’s weird right’ to mean I’m weird right for saying that. Not that you were weird for doing it. It read that way. Sorry! Eeek.

    I think you look fab and this was the perfect way for such a rule breaker to break the rules. Loved it.

  • Jocelyn ~ Mama’s Style

    Would’ve loved a close up of that necklace *hint*

  • Woot Woooo. Sexy lady!

  • Hurugh to sheer shirts!!!! Love that bra sooo much Nat! xx

  • Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle

    Awesome! Love your style and thumbs up for coordinating the leggings and bra!!

  • Erin Walior

    I’m glad you broke the rules, because you look absolutely darling!!!