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Outfit – Plus Size custom Cat dress by Joolz Fashion!

October 4, 2017 Fashion Outfits

Awhile ago, the super talented Joolz Fashion held a competition for the chance to win one of her customised dresses. I didn’t win, but I did get a runner-up, which entitled me to get a customised dress at a discounted price. The items I have already from Joolz Fashion (see some looks with them here) are amazing so I decided to bite the bullet and become the ULTIMATE CAT LADY!

Custom Kitty Dress from Joolz Fashion

Yes, the dress is covered in pictures of my cats. The graphic is THIS one, that I threw together in like 20 minutes. It’s pretty rough, but it works. I love just picking out the pictures of Louis, Ripley and my baby boy Tonka. Gosh, I miss him. The graphic I made wasn’t a repeating pattern, so I knew already it would have a jarring line somewhere across the design, as it’s something I talked over when I submitted it. I really love the way it turned out.

Custom Kitty Dress from Joolz Fashion

Just so you know, it can take a little bit of time seeing as the fabric is custom printed. I put in my payment and submitted the file July 12th and received the dress in the mail August 23rd. Honestly, I think that’s a pretty great turnaround time for something that’s custom. I got the dress in a size 22, and I could have easily sized down without any image warping. The material is stretchy and super comfortable. (P.S, I really need to figure out an eyebrow colour for this colour hair, the brown looks a little odd)

Custom Kitty Dress from Joolz Fashion

I’m now thinking of all the other custom designs I want to make. I kind of want to make a Frodo dress. Oh, oh, or an Anatolian one! Really, the limit is your imagination!

Oh, and it has pockets! Deep, amazing pockets!Custom Kitty Dress from Joolz Fashion

Dress – Joolz Fashion || Cardigan – Millers || Belt – Torrid || Shoes – Kmart

Custom Kitty Dress from Joolz Fashion

What would you print on a custom dress?