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    Outfit of the B*witched, Atomic Kitten… Concert!

    I had no idea what to wear to the concert the other day, it was hot, it reached 38°c and I knew it would be hot in the venue. My main goal was comfort, so I went through my wardrobe to try and find something cool and comfortable. I ended up with this outfit. I decided to go a bit fancy with my make up. Bright glittery makeup made me think of my teen years and the bands I was going to see. Hair up in twin buns, because I hate hair on my neck when it’s hot. This top is so comfy, but i’ve never worn it just on it’s own…

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    Aussie Curves – Spike

    This weeks Aussie Curves theme is ‘spike’. I have A LOT of spiked clothing, shoes and accessories. Last year I went ‘feminine spikey‘, this year I went ‘casual spike’. I was considering channeling my inner goth for this weeks challenge, but I’ve just not really been in the mood to dress up! Yeah, this is my idea of casual. I threw the necklace on to jazz it up a little. My Unif Hellraiser shoes are one of my favourite pairs of shoes, so much so, I own them in 3 different colours!  Jumper – City Chic | Jeggings – Crossroads | Necklace – Colette | Shoes – UNIF

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    My Christmas Wishlist

    I was hoping to do a few guft guides this Holiday Season, but with everything that’s been going on, I just haven’t really been ‘into it’. So I figured my epic Christmas Wishlist may help inspire you to find the right gift for someone close to you! Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 – In any colour – $80-100 – JBHiFi – Target – Harvey Norman | I’ve been wanting one of these for ages, but I always put off buying one myself because the cost of film is pretttty expensive. However, I still realllly want one. Kreepsville 666 Skull necklace – Pink – Purple – $30 | Just cause it’s pretty! Black Drusy <3 ring – $110 | I’ve been…

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    Aussie Curves – Sequins

    Some people may be able to pull off double denim, but as you are probably well aware, i’m just not a fan of denim. I am however a lover of all things sparkily & glittery. This weeks Aussie Curves theme is Sequins, so here I am rocking several selected sequin separates!  Yeah, this top is a little tongue in cheek, but I could not resist it. It amuses me to no end for a few reasons. When I was in my teens I had 2 similar tees that I’d wear often. One read “Sorry I missed church, I was busy practicing witchcraft & becoming a lesbian”, the other “I found Jesus, he was…

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    OOTD – Mountain Florals

    I’m never quite sure what the weather will be up at the Blue Mountains. It can be hot, but still have a breeze as it’s rather high up. Sometimes it’s freezing, even in summer. Then again, it can be stifling hot, so I decided comfort and something that would suit me whatever the weather would be. This Dream Diva shirt is one of my go to comfort summer shirts. It’s light and protects me from the sun, which helps as I get burnt so so easily. I’ve been wanting a pair of floral pants for ages, but I’m SO fussy when it comes to pants. I love Crossroads jeggings, so…