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Aussie Curves – Spike

May 30, 2014


This weeks Aussie Curves theme is ‘spike’. I have A LOT of spiked clothing, shoes and accessories. Last year I went ‘feminine spikey‘, this year I went ‘casual spike’. I was considering channeling my inner goth for this weeks challenge, but I’ve just not really been in the mood to dress up!


Yeah, this is my idea of casual. I threw the necklace on to jazz it up a little. My Unif Hellraiser shoes are one of my favourite pairs of shoes, so much so, I own them in 3 different colours!


 Jumper – City Chic | Jeggings – Crossroads | Necklace – Colette | Shoes – UNIF

aussiecurvesnat disc02

  • lisarapley

    What is with City Chic and spikes?! I think they have and obsession with them. Haha. Love the outfit and I totally want a pair of those shoes! Amazing.

  • As soon as I saw your jumper I thought “woah, it’s heaps like my cardi”. And of course it’s City Chic too, haha xo

  • I swear you must be my sister from another mister. I love how you styled this. I also am planning a heist to steal that jumper.

  • You are the queen of spikes Natalie, love all your spikey items, loving your pink hair too if only I was 30 years younger x

  • SpiikerKat

    love the casual spikes, that jumper is the best!

  • Even as casual spike you still carry that gorgeous feminine style – love your outfit this week

  • love this sweater, it is very fierce, but i do love those legging more 😀 x

  • I’m TRYING to wear pants more often in the lead up to 6 weeks in Melbourne, i’ve been told it’s cold, so I pulled out all the pants I owned. I totally forgot I had these!

  • Aw, thank you!!

  • I LOVE this jumper so much! Excited that its getting colder to wear it!

  • I had a moment of panic at turning 28, so I had to dye it pink. I think i’ll be rocking colours in my hair for a LONG time!

  • Haha, I think similar things when I see your outfits, you really inspire me! NO! MY JUMPER!

  • Yes! I saw the cardi came out just a little after this and I was SO tempted to get it!

  • Ahaha, they do a bit, but I’m not complaining!

  • I am genuinely sad we don’t live in the same location.

  • I am totally digging on this outfit – especially the jeggings! You make me want to give them a go!! 😮 Also, your face is so lovely and adorable <3

  • Love that jumper. And yes, I immediately thought of you when I saw this challenge.