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The perfect Target Dress

May 31, 2014


I ventured out to Penrith by myself yesterday to check out some of the sales, i’m still searching for something to wear for my birthday next weekend. I checked out all my regular shops, nothing. I wandered into Target and found this beauty. Isn’t it amazing?

In the straight sized adult section, they often carry clothes up to a size 20, and this dress I tried on was the 20. Warning, it has NO stretch. It fitted my waist perfectly, with some room in the boob area (which always happens to me). The skirt is the most perfect shade of pinky-nude. I felt like a Princess!


Alas, I didn’t buy it. I couldn’t really justify the price. Full price it’s $89, but with the current Target sales it’s $71. I did want to show it off however, and let you all know about it, just in case you want to rush out and get one for yourself!

You can find the dress online here, but it seems to be sold out of all the larger sizes, so you may have to head into your local Tarrrr-jey.



  • That dress is so pretty! I wish we had it in the US.

  • Gorgeous dress, but I agree – WAY too pricey for something from Target. God it looks super cute with those boots, though.

  • Leah (Just Me Leah)

    That is lovely and it totally rocks with those boots. Shame about the price though.

  • Love that dress on you 🙂

  • Jeannee Waseck

    I love this dress!!! Early Happy Birthday, Natalie 🙂 ….Tell u this story: there is no way I would buy a dress for my upcoming birthday because – where am I going?! Last year I bought a cute Barbie top and that was my birthday OOTD! … well, I was walking into this local-to-the-U.S.-South discount store for there $4 t shirts with these sayings that reflect me and – oh, look at that dress! how beautiful! – no, they won’t have it in my size – they do! and – its $15?!!! Surely I expect low prices when I go in there, but this was almost unbelieveable! Grabbed it! Even tho no one is going to be spending the time with me f2f this year, that’s alright : this’ll do a world of good for my self-image (not to mention my pocketbook)!!!!!!

  • I’m going out to lunch for my birthday, but even if I was home alone, I’d still use the excuse that it was my birthday to dress up.

  • Thanks Jackie!

  • I know, I just don’t think I can justify the cost per wear! I think it looked good with the boots too, they just happened to be what I was wearing that day!

  • I knooow! When I put the dress on, I was like “oh hey, I like my boots with it!” 😛

  • Yeah, it sucks that Target AU stocks different stuff then Target US!

  • Princess dress! Its gorgeous, but that price, I thought Target was supposed to be affordable!

  • OMG dude, could this dress BE anymore perfect for you? Especially with those boots! Love it.