Park shenanigans – The Bloopers!

Nope, move over, you’re hiding in my hair!“. I take 99% of my outfit photos myself, you see, I feel SO AWKWARD having someone else take photos of me. I can be quite self conscious  not because of the way I look, I think more with the thought of making a fool of myself. Having Natalie at the park with me, trying to get me out of my shell a bit and directing me, well, I ended up with some amusing photos I thought i’d share.

A skirt and a kids spring tractor toy don’t mix, but I certainly tried. I then decided what better time to burst into some Gangnam Style dancing!

I remember swings being easier! I had to really jump to get my butt onto the swing, it was rather high, but I managed to get the swing going without having to be pushed, yay!

It’s funny, I worry about making a fool of myself, yet I’m posting these pictures. The thing is, THIS is me. I am weird and dorky, I pull funny faces and say stupid things at times. I like to make pretend pterodactyl noises and break into song, even though i’m a shocking singer.