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    Outfit of the Easter Show

    I wanted something comfy to wear to the Easter show, something that I knew I could walk around all day in and not worry about it moving too much. The weather was overcast, but not overly cold, it did drizzle a couple of times, but otherwise it was a great day to go. Mesh cardigan (underneath) – c/o The Carpenters Daughter | Tails Tunic – c/o The Carpenters Daughter Leggings – Black Milk | Belt – Kmart | Shoes – Betts | Flower crown – ???

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    Outfit – Burtonesque!

    I don’t know what this outfit is, but I felt crappy, I’d been crying and I just felt like getting back into my darker clothing days. I still have a love of black and layers. In the end, I think this outfit came out looking very Tim Burton-y. I find it weird to see me with pictures of my hair up. I don’t tend to wear it up all that much, and it makes it look even more brunette. Can you believe I’ve been blonde for nearly 5 months!? I miss the colour dearly, but I’m still loving that I don’t have to dye my hair every other week. Oh,…

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    Mothers Day!

    Sunday was Mothers Day here in Australia! Yay! I hope all the mothers who read this blog had a great day! I was awoken by Tonka meowing at me, and then Frodo coming up and giving me kisses. It’s a bit of a daily ritual that when I wake up we all play in bed for awhile before I get up.  Mum decided she wanted to go for a little drive and look at the markets at a near by winery.I’m loving living just this little further ‘out’ from the city. You can drive 15 minutes and be in the middle of bare land, grazing cows, goats, horses. I’m so…

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    Aussie Curves – Black & White

    When this dress hit the ASOS Curve site I was all kinds of in love with it, so I put it in my ‘saved items’ list and was waiting for my next pay day. Alas, the dress sold out pretty quickly and by the time I could afford it, it was sold out. GRRR. But yet again, this is when my crazy daily (sometimes twice daily) ASOS check came in handy. One day, I logged on and checked my saved list to see that my size had come in stock. I snapped it up straight away. MINE! I’m still learning to push my boundaries. I love my body and I…

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    Aussie Curves – Breaking the Rules

    Another week I didn’t think I’d be able to participate in, not because I can’t break the rules, but for my lack of unpacked clothes. I managed to throw this outfit together out of what I had. Breaking the rules, leggings as pants, and a sheer top that shows of my midriff/belly. I feel in love with these leggings, but before I could buy them, they’d sold out. Whilst doing my daily ASOS check (yes, i’m THAT bad) I was excited to see that they’d restocked them and snapped them up immediately! I love them, so comfortable! The bra i’m wearing I picked up today and I’m so in love! I…